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Posted:Sad but true.. Had a talk with Tommi today and we're doing only two more shows together and then call it quits. Our ambitions and goals were too different and we have grown apart in other ways also. It was time to take big steps and really start working hardcore but Tommi wasn't up for it. So I'm going solo all the way..

I understand him but it is a damn shame. I think we had good potential to make it really big. And I think a good duo act has a better chance than a solo act in circus. But this decision clears a lot of things up and I can concentrate fully on my own career and see where it goes.

But I am still open for working with a partner. I'm not looking for another Tommi. Maybe another Antti. So if anyone knows someone ready for real work and has a circus attitude then let me know.

Thanks for everybody who enjoeyd The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo.

Point your toes.

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Posted:you two rock so much, sad that you stop your duo show .......but true frown
so far.....i just want to thank you two for so much inspiration and wonderful moments....whenever i could see your, ireland, vienna, or our helsinki - berlin short workshop meet up eating thing! hug
i wish you all the best for your artistic career.....btw did you know that here in germany esp. in frankfurt are several competitions for young circus talents....and variete shows with diabolo players in why shouldnt they have space for a staff throwing antti!?! wink

all the best,
take care,


....and hopefully stay in touch

- Ho Sa -
kisses & peace & love to beautiful madges
*rever le temps le prendre*




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Posted:all my heroes of the circus world are solo acts
would viktor kee or francis brunn be better for some passing and synched juggling??
............. i think not
the fact that they are solo only amplifies their impact
good luck(as if you need it !!?!?!?!?!?!)
and once again thanks for the shower(kinky?)


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