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Posted:Hello, boys and girls,
I wanted to ask what kind of material is fire heads made of? I wanted to Do it myself, but i can't find information, about doing it. If somebody knows a kind of www tell me please.

If you buy the fire heads, how much of time they works? When they totally out of workinig?

Thanks:) juggle

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Posted:have u eva span fire before? and do you know what site ur on

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

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Posted:There is this page on the internet called, it's amazing what you can find from that site with a bit of effort.

*does one google search*

 Written by:

poi making fire heads

*supresses urge to continue sarcasm*

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Posted:Isn't this website a good starting point?

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Posted:This website is indeed a good starting point as it has articles on fire arts for beginners.

This particular part of the site though, is not such a good starting point, as it is a discussion board for the communtiy to ask for help and receive help in return.

I'm sure if Rizika did a little research, either on HOP or google and found he/she had some questions remaining, then help would be forthcoming.

But, as a community I don't think we like to be thought of as a human search engine smile

Rizika, to help you on your way- type in 'kevlar' as one of your search terms; or go to the HOP 'go shopping' link and look at the kevlar wick there.

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faith enfire

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Posted:could we be a little nicer though

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Posted:smile thank u, i saw this site just for a few secs. and then wrote this post. Then i searched a lot i found my stuff.. smile sorry for [censored]..


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