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Posted:can someone tell me how to master a "fountain weave" it's not properly explained on here???

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Posted:Yes. It is.

I searched 'fountain' and found many informative threads and discussions and arguements written in complete sentences and with informative titles.


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Posted:thanks for the tip but i can be defined as ... for lack of a better word......stupid and although i feel somewhat enlightened by some of those threads i still can't grip the concept of the way to convert to a weave to a revweave infront of my body the whole idea of vertical planes seems un-natural do you have any hints and tips or mayb even a step by step guide....yes i really am that thick ps i use Flag poi atm do u think it might be because it is physically impossible with Flags cos thats the way it seems



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Posted:can you turn with 3bt?

If yes, then think of it as turning, only with your feet planted. You want your feet to point straight in front of you, and stay in that spot. You want to turn your upper body to one side, and start spinning fwd 3bt there, then you move your upper body to face the other direction, switching into revs.; just like you would if you were turning normally.

Once you get the hang of going back and forth, try going down when switching one direction (say, from fwd to revs.) and then go up high when you go the other direction (revs. to fwd)


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Posted:lesson rolleyes

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Posted:are fountains impossible with large flag poi???


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Posted:No, fountains are totally flag friendly. smile


Posted:mayb its jus me den lol


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Posted:It might help to learn the fountain with ordinary sock poi though - get used to the movements and get your planes really good before trying it with big flags.

Cos if your planes aren't good with big flags, they tangle lots...

Getting to the other side smile


Posted:how long did it take any of u 2 master it?


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Posted:To grasp the concept? About a week. Once I realised that I could already do all the motions when I got the concept I did a fountain first go.

BlueHairSar has it spot on. Do a normal 3bt weave and turn with it to your right, going into reverse 3bt in the process. Now, while in the reverse 3bt, turn back the way you came (left if you turned right to start, right if you turned left to start, whichever feels more natural for you).

Now practise this turning every opportunity you can. Once you have this down, instead of turning your whole body, while doing the forwards 3bt weave, turn your feet 90 degrees to your right and leave them there. Now keep doing what you were doing before, but only turn your upper body. This is a non-turning weave turn.

Now trhe bit that makes it a fountain. When you go from forward to backwards weave, do the changeover as low as you can (your hands should be by your naughty bits). When you go from backwards to forwards, your hands should be as high as they'll go, above your head. Now just repeat. Easy-peasy. It's one of those moves that looks really hard, but is just a variant on a few really basic moves. Once you get the idea, it will seem so easy....

Good luck! biggrin

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Posted:Then comes anti spin fountains devil


Posted:how do you do a split time spin in front of you on a vertical plane?


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Posted:Same time: Poi are spinning together at the same time - I.e - When one is at 12 o clock in front of you, other is at 12 o clock.

Split time: Poi are spinning 180 degrees apart - I.e - When one is at 12 o clock, the other is at 6 o clock; when one is at 14:37 on the clock, the other is at 20:37.

Quartertime is also fun. When one poi is at 07:11, the other is at 10:11, one hand at 13:11 and one at 16:11. The last two can only be done in addition to the previous two only if you have four hands though.

Much like this man does:

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Posted:so how do u do the spin in front of u (the "2nd" circle)




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Posted:Getting tangled up in front of you? hmm...

The poi don't keep spinning in circles in front of you.
If you try to do that with two long poi\flags, then they'll hit your arms or something.

In a fountain the poi\flags\cats are constantly 'chasing' each poi is constantly going in front of you, then behind you, then in front of you again.

Just to restate the point: Fountains are entirely possible with enormous flag poi, unless they're so big that they hit the ground or the sky.

Have you learnt the weave? If not, then it would be helpful to get that first.

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Posted:This is the order of "tricks" i would reccomend learning to get your weave fountain down.

- 3bt weaves from forward and reverse learn these High and Low.
- 180 3bt weaves (going from forward to a reverse weave, and from reverse to forward) learn to turn either direction from either weave

once you can do those two things pretty well try this.

if you didn't listen to the above part at least listen to this.

- stand like you are spinning a reverse 3 bt weave without the poi spinning. rotate your body 90 degrees at the hip to the right now try doing a fwd 3bt weave (the circles will be just like a normal 3bt but instead of going from side to side they will now be going in front of you then behind) practice this weave both high and low. once this is comfortable stop spinning them and rotate your hips back to the neutral position. now rotate 90 degrees to the left at your hips. try spinning a reverse 3bt wve. learn this high and low.

once you can do that flawlessly with your hips rotated either direction and spinning the weave in either direction try spinning a reverse weave then rotating 90 deg at the hips to the right into a fwd weave(poi will be going from in front to behind.) then turn back to the neutral poistion.

gotta log off. . ill post the rest later tonight.

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Posted:dj sacrific 3 iv got that part help me with the rest !!!


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Posted:If you've got that part, then you have a fountain, surely?

and can no one else see Jonny's mistake? wink

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Posted: Written by:

can someone tell me how to master a "fountain weave" it's not properly explained on here???

Yes, Fountains have been explained many times on HOP. Try a search.

Still havent got it?

Then consider that a Fountain is a two beat move, not a 3 beat weave.

For a real proper fountain wink

Go to media circus

Enter media circus site

Click - dvd & videos

Click - the art of club swinging

Scroll down to download sample video

There is an example a full fountain in the video.

Let us know what you think


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