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As the Botswana court case draws to a close, tribes of London come together once again to celebrate in support of the Bushmen of the Kalahari

Kalahari a Bushmen benefit

Kalahari & Kundalini bring you a special one off eventcome and celebrate a festive party for the capitaltribal vibrations in the cityan ultimate partytransfer with the Kundalini illumination experience

With VJ and art sculpturing from Shiva love monkey and liquid lis love and light concept we have developed a resonating multi media installationprimary sounds and primordial colours

Visual presentation, light engineering & sound journey synchronised into the Kundalini movement of energy from the base chakra towards release

On the night in the main room there will be the finest musical sound scapes rising from sun drenched tribal grooves, through progressive trance and onward to full on psychedelic sounds provided by

Live exclusive
Beatnik (nano)

Andy Mason
Titin Moraga (Yellow Magnetic Star)
Sounds From The Ground
(launching High Rising waveform records)
Steve Kundalini (sun drenched tribal grooves)

Gaudi (dub + breakz set)
Kakatsitsi Master drummers form Ghana
Christian Davies (id spiral)
Cameleon Didge (id Spiral)

And more.
Art sculpture and Installations by Liquid Faeries and the Shiva Love Monkey
Vj's : Shiva Love Monkey , Kim and Danny
Love & Light Concept Liquid Faeries

Fire Performance
Drum & Didge circle
African dcor
UV pixie painting
Cheap student bar (alive on 22nd Nov)

info 07989 519368

10 door :: 7 concessions

Friday 15th December 8am-3pm > after party
London School Of Economics :: Houghton Street :: London WC2

All music and visuals for the evening would be synched into the kundalini movement of energy from the base chakra upwards.

The lights and visuals resonating through the party will travel through each chakra energy colour and its sensory representation using organic style images morphing, blending, bending

The sound and visuals would be in total sync to obtain a full on journey from start to finish, each element complimenting one anotherone vibration.

Lv and respect Kalahari + Kundalini

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yay can't wait!

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