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Tallulahbelle_CupcakeBRONZE Member
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Location: Scotland (UK)

Hi everybody,

Im new here and possibly posting this in the wrong place... but i shall carry on anyway...

As the title suggests, i want to learn the art of spinning and was hoping someone could maybe tell me if there is anywhere that teachs it in Glasgow or Edinburgh??

Thank you,

Tallulah-belle ubbrollsmile

BirgitBirgitBRONZE Member
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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

Hey Tallulah-belle, welcome to the forums!! hug

there's both an events section and a meet others section on the bottom part of the main forum index where you can find threads for Edinburgh and Glasgow meets!

As for Edinburgh, the uni juggling club meets Wednesday nights from 7-9, for more info on us click here:

There's also a Glasgow uni club, don't have the link right now but google's your friend for that one smile

The forum's got a lovely search function, and the main threads for Glasgow and Edinburgh are these two:
[Old link] (Glasgow)
[Old link] (Edinburgh), so post in either of these and you'll have more lovely people replying biggrin

Edinburgh firespinning is on Monday nights on the Meadows, though if you're new to poi you should of course learn how to do it first before playing with the fire smile You'll be very welcome to come and watch and meet everyone though!

Hopefully see you round soon!! bounce

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pricklyleafpricklyleafSILVER Member
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Hey, the juggling club in glasgow is on every wednesday night, 7.30 to 9.30, you'll find varying numbers of poi people, unfortunately not including me anymore, since I'm in Manchester. Everyone is really friendly, just turn up. (By the way, it isn't attached to the uni, there is only one club in glasgow).

You can find the website here...Glasgow juggling club website

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