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Posted:Hey Everyone,

on Sunday 10th December, we will be holding a poi spinning and wheel of death day in Hazelwood park (near Burnside swimming pool). What is wheel of death? confused Well... Don't make me explain but its great fun and not scarey like the name suggests. For more detail check out-
br>They will start setting up at around 10am.

We will be holding a few basic poi workshops starting at around 4pm but unfortunately are not advanced enough to teach anything high level. Anyone who wants to come to our beginner lessons is welcome (we can show you basic moves like butterfly, 3 beat weave and so on) and if anyone is interested in running a more advanced class that would be really cool. Otherwise, if you just wanna come hang out with some spinners and try the wheel of death then be sure to rock up for a great day in the park. bounce

Also there are bbq facilities so be sure to bring yourself some foodies! beerchug

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Posted:sounds like fun nice location

mmmmmmm fire.... he he he!!!


Posted:Just had a look at the videos, that's a pretty awesome idea, i'd love to try it. Who are you guys? have u come to the bridge before?



Um... my name is Kuva, n i've come under the bridge a few times over the last couple years but unfortunately I have inline hockey training on Friday nites so I never seem to make it anymore =( Mostly we have just taught ourselves some spinnin and every time we go on a trip or are at a party we start teachin our friends a bit. They r all kinda interested hence the poi workshop idea.

So I hope to see a few spinners out there to join us! One of my friends is a great juggler too, and he is always keen to find someone to juggle with. So if your readin this and know how to juggle then let us know!

Catchya all there hopefully!



I don't know how to juggle but there are a few twirlers who do. Might be an idea to send out the details of your event on the firetwirling yahoo group: Arc_of_Flame@yahoogroups.com




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Posted:Hey, I am in Adelaide for a few weeks holiday. Hoping to stop by next Sunday at the park,

If you want I can teach a bit (any idea what standards or numbers are likely to be there?)

In the mean time are there any practices in the adelaide area that i could check out?




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Posted:Poi Chick, a large group of us twirl in Rymil Park (At the end of Rundle street) on Friday nights. We have started to get there earlier from about 7pm onwards, but we usually have quite a crew by about 9pm.

You are more than welcome to join us if you like. smile

Love and Light

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Posted:well...melbourne calls... hmm... have to have a wheel of death at some other point


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