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Posted:i know has been mentioned on a number of occasions (and to be honest i thought there was a whole thread devoted to it, but the search didn't return anything - please redirect me if i am mistaken)

we had many giggles finding our names in

for tilly i found:

*description of a females body that turns a male on in a romantic way

*A girl who is deceptive and wild, all with an innocent smile across her face (which i absolutly love and aspire to be!)

*An energy vampire. It sucks the life out of young boys

but my favourite by far was for tillymonster (which my best friend calls me):

1. Flat-chested whore.

2. A bitchy midget who throws out funny insults which most people can't comprehend because they spell horribly mad2

....try it, it's fun and funny

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"A Thnead's a fine thing that all people need"
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Posted: Written by: FoxInDocs


..... she knows how to facilitate that junk in the trunk to funk.....

ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol

"A Thnead's a fine thing that all people need"
Dr Suess


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Posted:1. geoff
45 up, 12 down

"to geoff it" : to hint at a perverted version of anything.

you just geoffed it.

2. Geoff
35 up, 14 down

Etymological studies lead to believe this was a Celtic derivation in nowadays Holland. It translates roughly as either a state of grandiose magnificence or one who is God of everything and has a heart of oak.

Man, I feel so Geoff

This guy's a real Geoff

3. geoff
35 up, 38 down

verb, comes from the chinese slang 'to geoff' meaning to kill a vampire, eat its lungs in a traditional indian curry while dancing around singing. geoffrey in todays terms has become mondernised by society and now means 'to [censored]'

damn that was some good geoffing, thats not how i'd geoff,




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Posted:mine isn't happy frown

1. freya assclown
yes. assclown.....freya, is same.
assclown assclown assclown assclown assclown assclown

hello there assclown.

Owner of Dragosani's right side.


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