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The_Magnesium_Master 97 posts
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Last Monday I placed a deadly poisonous Queensland cane toad (Buffo marinus) in my mouth for a dare at work, a trick that is extreamly effective at horrifying a bunch of middle aged mothers. I checked the poison sacks were not leaking first, of coarse, and have seen this trick performed many times before . I suffered no ill effects and did not taste any suplimentary toxins of the type usually shed by the green tree frog when handled or distressed.

While I dont normally perform this stunt on account of it being likely to distress the toad, I would like to perform a simmilar trick of placing my toungue on the toads back ,out of its visual field so as to cause minimal distress to the toad, or alternatively use a cold unconcious toad from the fridge. This image would be great for all mannor of t shirts against smoking, eating macdonalds, voting for John Howard, etc. something along the lines I'd rather put a toad in my mouth than do that.

Does anyone know if this creature is capable of secreating any suplementary toxins or irritants in adition to the primary toxin in its main poison sacks, in the way many other frogs can, and if so if these secreations are tasteable or not.

Also has anyone observed first hand a non injured toad eject its primary poison sack contents without having to be squeezed like a pimple or otherwise roughly handled. I personally have never observed this spontanious spitting cobra style act and suspect it is a myth, but none the less I would welcome any warnings from anyone who has seen it themselves or from a very credible source.

If so I think I will just stick to stroking spiders backs and getting huntsman spiders to run up my arm.

By the way, people are now calling me Adrian the Insane, do you think I should amalgamate all my user names into that one,or keep different ones for different forums?

Hanz 1,328 posts
Location: Bendigo, Vic, Australia

as good as the photo op sounds... I'll admit I am now starting to worry Adrian... but it's all your choice.

As for getting rid of them, my uncle lives on a hill, he used to play hockey with them and you could hear them splat onto the road... unfortunatly someone built a house below them on the hill, so I dont think he plays hockey anymore


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