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Posted:Hey Hey,

i have been meaning to post a poi vid for some time, & i fianlly got roudn to doign one, a-hear...


*true story* some on filmed me swinging on there mobile then i fell over..

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Hi Raverandy,

The video was very nice. Keep on practising,
you've got the power.





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Posted:well ... I am not having a go at you.

It's just that I absolutely cannot understand why every second jackass in the universe who just about manages a butterfly for 5 sec without hitting his own balls feels the urge to film it the dodgiest way possible and share it with the universe, labelling the whole thing "art of poi" ...

We've all been there, we understand the excitment, keep on spinning man and you'll gonna be a great player ...

But why the hecka cant you wait until you actually have something worthwile to show before you expose yourself outside your backyard ?

As said, this isnt personal against you, but as such films seem to be clogging youtube and hop to the point of spamming and giving poi a bad name, I just got to get it ouit now.

Ever considered someone watching this vid and then NOT HIRINGa GREAT player for his party as he gets an impression that poi is clumsy, daft and boring ?


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Posted:I've got your point and know exactly how you feel.

But don't you think its kind of wrong to discourage someone just for you to be convenienced?

I imagine that Andy posted this video so he could get advice on how exceed through a few moves and get advice on how to handle the poi.

Although a person new to poi post videos of their "second" or "first week of spinning" its only to get more advice and inspiration or some sort of motivation. Even though the statement of the person saying "the art of poi" is hypocritical, he/she does it for a purpose.

It even takes alot of courage to post a video of their first month, wouldn't you think? I mean, hell, the person knows that they may not be as good as some people like Yuta or Meenik, but they post it anyway.

I praise Andy for pulling up his courage just to show use a video of him spinning poi, I really do.

Despite anything you say, you were once at his level of capabilities, we all were.

Its nice that you can share your opinion on here, but I had wished to do the same.


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Posted:yeah. not good.

I see there your coming from. but ravereprsat has the buiscuit of the arguent.

I would be happy to continue ths discussion maybe, but not in someones thread. put it in social discussion.

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Posted:Gomorrha, we'd like to encourage everyone at ALL levels here. Please be more considerate with future posts.
Constructive criticism is fine - and probably welcomed as feedback to help improve. Destructive criticism just makes everyone feel bad - not just the person it was aimed at.

thank you.

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Posted:hey andy
nice vid (boooo quality)
it's fun to watch others learning too, and personally i think it is pretty decent

i might do a bit more in variety, but no, for real, that was a fun watch

what sort of poi-pink fuzzy?

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Posted:You look exetremely drunk for the most part.

This problem however can be solved by spinning slower, learning a few more transitions.....and learning to balance?

You seemed to be all over the place!

And afraid of the poi too. They wont hurt you.

Keep spinning!



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