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why is it that one day you wake up thinking the world is great then when you go to bed at night you feel like crap

its been one of those days people frown

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its been one of those weeks for me....
i lost my fav sunnies (had em for 6 years) frown
car broke and ive been given the wrong replacement part mad
am really tired (but ive had heaps of sleep)

hugs all round i reckon
hug grouphug

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pretty well everyone i know is having a week like that!

my car has an undiagnosed (and possibly expensive) problem, and i have had hassle after hassle getting my tax refund(partly my fault, but circumstatial as well), which culminated today in me finding out that the money will be going in tommorrow - but to an account my bank closed without my knowledge 6months ago. and there is nothing i can do about it - just wait 2 weeks for the cheque to come now. *sigh*

i cried momentarily, then i went for a swim and figure i am only torturing myself to stay grumpy about it all.

ubblove ubblove kiss kiss peace peace sunny sunny grouphug grouphug hug hug to everyone else out there having a day like this

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I think its the week for it...

I'm looking for a place to live, and also going to work every day.
My partner has had massive insomnia, and I end up talking to her late at night in tears because she just can't sleep.
One of my mates got kicked out of his house after having a punch on with one of his best friends, and is now covered in bruises and flying back to his parents house.
My flatmates, who are a couple (also looking for somewhere else to live) have been told that a teacher who is moving cities is a credit risk, and her parents have to go guarantor before their rental app will be considered.
Another one just found out he has HIV.

You know, I feel better just for venting that.

Love you all.

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Thank you so much for starting this thread! I've been feeling crap too...

I was fine til I got home from work yesterday and decided to open the mail, which had been left in the porch for some time. There was a really angry letter from the electric company saying we owed them 700 eek and that we will be disconnected if we do not act immediately. They didn't even put the time period on the bill, so we had no clue if it was right or not.

Apparently that's the bill for july - september, how the hell can we have possibly spent 700 on electric! That's 8000 units! It's not like we're growing a plantation in the attic or anything! They must be wrong! When we called, they were still adamant that they are right, although they say the estimate was taken from another bill from before we actually moved into the house!

So now I'm very mad and a bit frown

I'm sure it'll get sorted out in the end, but it's so much stress and hassle.

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I know that feeling.

Yesterday, I thought I had the post-clubbing funk (*ie- scratchy throat from hanging out with smokers, achy joints from dancing/spinning hard all night, headache from ringing ears afterwards). Nope. Me = sick. So... downside, I feel all liquidy in my head. Upside, I don't have to work today!

I try to look at days like today as a silver-lining kind of thing. One of those days used to be a lot worse for me, and I know one of those days is a lot worse for other people still.

But, definitely, a good thread!

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It seems that this week has been bad for many ppl. On my way home last night i bumped into ppl i knew and they we're all having equally crappy weeks.

I have an answer that may be the cause for this (well for some of the aussies anyway)
Daylight savings
We've been thrown out of whack by an hour, and the subtle change has broken all of us.

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My uncle's car burst into flames a few days back, with him inside.. plus someone I know got struck by lightning about 2 weeks ago..she's basically okay, by the way, as is my uncle..

And the UK changed from summer time the same time the ozzies changed the other way Pyro- but by that logic, I should be having a terrible time, having changed a full 11 hours one way, then one the other inside 2 weeks... but I'm fine smile
hug to everyone who's not having such a lucky time though.


If that's okay with you?

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