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Posted:Well, Apart from this thread there is nothing on HOP regarding these natives to Australia.

I found this video (RC,SA) made by the guys from after I was looking for some pictures to help describe what a bogan was to the folks back home.

I suppose the nearest comparison to a bogan, would possibly be a chav, yet bogans, like chavs, are a totally different breed from anything else on this Earth.

The bogans I encountered all wore blue sleeveless vests, all drove UTEs (I think it stands for UT(E)ility vehicle?) and spend thousands of pounds on making their shitty cars look even shitter.

But anyway, I thought I would post that video to show non-Australian HOPpers what a bogan is, and make them happy that they have never encountered them before.



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Posted:the wiki entry gives a pretty good description as well
especially the 'elements of the stereotype' section smile

E ubbrollsmile

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Posted:They be called rednecks 'round 'ere. Only rednecks are 10 times worse. Even the bogan mullet is cooler than the rednecks'.

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