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Hiya. There has been alot of talk recently about fuel. What is safe, what is good. I use parrafin (Kerosene) for poi, staff and breathing but as everyone knows it tastes terrible and is very smokey and dirty. I am lookiong for a fairly good/cheap alternative. Many people have recomended Shellsol T and Fire water.Problem, fire water is very expensive and I can't find anywhere in the uk That sells Shellsol T. CAN ANYONE HELP.------------------Are your ears open because the ears and not the eyes are the windows to the soul. Listen. Please Listen

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I use Kero beacuse it doesn't burn very hot and it's safe to breath with. Although it tastes like... hmmm... um... bad stuff I guess that's why God invented breath mints. ------------------A wise man once said to me, "Hey! You! Get out of my wardrobe!" and in a way I guess he was right.

A wise man once said to me, Hey! You! Get out of my wardrobe! and in a way, I guess he was right.

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First of all...i just read through the whole thread and wow...names of the old and man have I cahnged!Anyway, PW..after much research you will find that Kero and lamp oil achieve a similar effect when breathing and that lamp oil doesn't have as rank of a taste. I still use Kero for spinning though.As for the Indonesia story, it was very interesting and stuff like this happens every summer. What they failed to mention in the big media reports but was released in smaller ones is that the glass containers were left filled with mixed fuel (which lowered it's flash point) in the tropical sun...all day. They did not raise the wicks in the lamps which caused the fire to burn closer to the filled fuel source. It is one of those, do not expose contents under pressure to heat things. Lamp Oil has a higher flashpoint than Kero. High flashpoint fuels need to be wicked, aspirated or extremely warm to ignite. This had two out of three. COmbining fuels is fairly safe, so long as you research and know what you are doing. It was very interesting though.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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