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Member Since: 27th May 2004
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Posted:Heya, im in along term relationship with my boyfriend, (hope its long term). I got kicked out of home and moved in with him, knowing full well that he has cheated on his most serious girlfriend he had 6 years ago.
i was working on his computer when i noticed Flirtomatic on the bottom of screem. I popped it up and read his profile, 23yrs old, single, will only leave the table for dessert. I was shocked, and asked his work buddy about it.
i later that night cracked a joke, wether or not i was his girlfriend, and his excuses was that he got bored at work and had no one else to talk to, and didnt want to talk to men. Apparently no one would talk to him if he put in a relationship.
ive now found out that he has another4 dating sites, that all say that he is single, look for someone to fool around with. the thing is i dont no what to do.I always over react
Anyone got any advise? frown

ill tell you again, just buy a new one.


marmite and nutella sandwich
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Posted:Well, maybe he just hasn't got around to changing the information on the websites yet, as he won't be needing them for the moment, so he just hasn't been on the sites to change them.

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Location: near Great yarmouth Norfolk
Member Since: 27th May 2004
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Posted:Maybe, But hes uploaded a pitcure which was taken 5 weeks ago, changed his description to having a new car, which he got 3 months ago, and he was talking to some girl

ill tell you again, just buy a new one.



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Posted:Well considering Ive lived with someone that cheated on me... thats not cool and sounds very familiar. Even if he never meets up with them, thats emotional cheating. If he didnt tell you about it, then he knows its not right. If I were you, Id either make him stop the [censored] or move out, and move along to better guys.

Good luck smile


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Posted:I guess there`s no real way to stop him from doing that and you can`t (and hopefully don`t want to) controll what he`s doing 24/7. And usually it`s not that easy to just move along and find somebody better.
As I ain`t good with/am pessimistic concerning relationships, I won`t give you any advise now. Draw you`re own conclusions from it.

But to comfort you:

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Posted:I think you know in your heart he's not respecting you. Show him the door if he wants to be single so bloody much!

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Posted:Just ask yourself if you want to be with someone who does this to you, for the rest of your life. Then you have your answer.

He has cheated before you say, so is very capable of doing it again. I wouldn't have tolerated that from my husband before we got married 4 months ago - or never for that matter!

I know you must be in a tricky situation having been kicked out of home but that shouldnt become a factor of whether you stay with him or not (i know you didnt say it was)

its hard to know what the real truth is, only you can decide what to do.



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:i'd walk if i was you!!!! honestly hug

he sounds like someone you'd see on trishia or some [censored] ubblol


Sitting down facing forward . . .
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Posted:Martha, I suspect you already know what to do - what you're looking for is the courage to do it.

Take heart, gather your resolve and don't let anyone push you around.


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Posted: Written by: jo_rhymes

I think you know in your heart he's not respecting you. Show him the door if he wants to be single so bloody much!

Yes, kick him out of his own house ubblol.

No. Talk, ask him. If he's being funny about it, leave but if he can give you an acceptable answer, then give him a chance. If it's a proper relationship, you should be able to talk about your feelings and doubts.

Ask a question and be a fool for a minute...don't ask and be a fool your whole life.


Mumma Hen
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Posted:you are worth so much more than that. I know its easy to say but you need to walk out and dont look back...

Good luck sweetheart. hug

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Posted:My (most insensitive) 2ct: You're looking for advice? Face life! Maybe he's not ready for what you are looking for, maybe you're not ready for what he's looking for, maybe the more you are pulling now, the more he will get away, maybe if you cut him loose (and from now on insist on safer sex if any) he will think twice shrug

Really the only advice I can provide (if that's worth anything) is to go figure what YOU really want for YOURSELF. Maybe if you want to build an honest relationship you have to detach as much as possible from the ideal of a one-on-one relatinship with a particular person and to be in control of it - if it happens it's the greatest gift ever, but you can't MAKE anyone love you (the way you want it)... that's a delusive concept (IMHO)...

Don't want to poke further in the hurt of yours hug Talk to someone - who you trust and who loves you - in person. Online couselling can never be as accurate and you will have to listen to your heart, without predjudice, jealousy and dominating ego...

Good luck

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

Location: near Great yarmouth Norfolk
Member Since: 27th May 2004
Total posts: 37
Posted:'kick him out of his own house' Now that would be a sight!
Thanks, and i know i have to find the advise from deep down.
I did overcome my fear and asked him why? His reply was that he has had these sites for years( since 1997) and has made a number of friend of which he keeps in contact with. Anyway he would not even think of cheating on me.
wether or not that is an excuse im still just gonna live with him, im still at college, on earn 50 a week from my waitress job, and dont mind being a housegirlfriend at the age of 17. If i moved out i would not be able to afford anywhere.
love you all, and thanks for all the help hugs and kisses all around kiss hug

ill tell you again, just buy a new one.

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