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Posted:Hello members of Home of Poi ! smile

I'm new here, just registered my account in this forum.

Anyway, I'm from Brazil, and i've been trainning poi for about 5 months...and last week I recorded 3 videos. It is my first videos.

Frozen - Madonna

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Alien Airport - Goa Gil

Hope the comunity like it, and i'm open for critics, sugestions, anyway...ideias from anyone who want help me to improve =D

ps.:anyone who has youtube account, could plz coment in there to ? and if u think it worth it, rank my video to make it more popular ^^, Thankzz

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Posted:Hi Uyan,

I just watched the first and it was very nice.

If you make your wick bigger, it will make
the flame bigger and slow your motions.

well done,




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Posted:For five months thats excellent stuff, i've been doing it for 8 months and can't do some of the stuff you can - especially flowing, so well done!

The sandman one was a bit dark, i could just about see your silouette, but other than that, all very good.


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Posted:Before saying anything, I would like to thank u guys for watching my videos, and the coment about it =)

Well, about this ""If you make your wick bigger"" , I wish i could do that =/ =/ =/ But in Brazil, i very very hard to find kevlar...and when u find still pretty expensive !

"""The sandman one was a bit dark, i could just about see your silouette"""

Yeah, the sandman, was the first video I recorded, so I did not know that woulb be so dark !! That's why I changed the place to spin !

Again, thanks for watching ^^

ps.: if some of u don't understand my english, that's because I'm Brazilian ^^




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Posted:Have you looked into getting your Kevlar sent to you through this fantastic website. Not sure how cost effective it is for you in Brazil, but its definately easily accessable.

As for the video i watched the Enter Sandman vid. And anything with metallica as the sound track is ok by me. wink Good work!!

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Posted:Before I ever got Kevlar wicks I used cotton (folded in a cathedral pattern). About one yard of cotton fabric was $1.20 or so US. They would usually burn 12-15times or so. This may be an option if you have the patience to make can be tedious.

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Posted:very good control

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