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need some help you guys, um.....i'll tell you the story from the start, right my very beautiful girlfriend left me not very long ago (bout 2 daysish) and well, she kind of broke my heart, so as i walked home from a very bad day at school i thought the only thing would cheer me up was to swing a staff about. as i carried on walking home, i got aggrivated in myself as i all i could think about was my girlfriend, well ex girlfriend, so any ways, as i walk into my house, i grab my staff, start spinnin away, and what mroe should happen than i get so annoyed about thinking about my girlfriend that i snap my staff. TRAGEDY any way, i am ok as i have a replacement staff with tennis balls on the end to practice in the mean time. how ever a shop that introduced me to spining and the world of poi has recently shut down, and i know nowhere where i can get a new staff. i do have money to a decent amount, i dont care what staff i have as long as it is decent and not too heavy. i have looked at the ones on your site, but its just shipping it here that im annoyed about as i want a staff now, sorry to be a brat, but i need one, if there is anyone who lives in the north west of britain, please tell me if there is a shop near you that sells descent staffs. i live in north wales, and wil travel just to get my pleasure back.

any replies will be vvvvveeeerrryyyyy greatful.

also, if there are any girls out there who know why my girlfriend may have finished with me please share, as i am very confused, all i can say is, she says i never ever treated her bad, i was very very good to her, and she doesnt think that she'll ever find someone like me, i took her out and everything, i mean, i was soooo nice to her it was unbelievable. pink poi can vouch for how distressed i was at the snap of my staff and not so much about my girlfriend, but because of her i snapped my staff so, yeh

anyway, please i neeeeedd help soooooooo badly.

yours absolutely flamey

this boy sets fire

ps:- i need a hug

Mike Buggins

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Sorry to hear about the staff, as well as the gurl. Hope you're able to track down the problem, sometimes people realize the folly of a snap decision, tho I may be assuming too much, hope not.

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Posted:When you're stood at the bottom of the slime pit, remember the only way is up.

Sorry to hear about your lady and your staff. Hopefully the new ones in your life will be even better and more beautiful

Hugz :x

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Posted:Girls find nice guys boring. Simple as that. Try being bad and mean next time.

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Posted:I'm really sorry to hear about your lady, it hurts, i know.
But i am not the one to give advice on relationships, nearly all mine have been a complete disaster.

But to the job in hand, your staff. I am really feeling your pain, i would be gutted if i snapped mine
Why don't you build your own?? Custom made to your own personal spec???
You can get kevlar from Oddballs
You can pick up a pole from any DIY type place
Or if you can't be arsed, Oddballs also sell fire staffs, as do Beard But i don't know what they're like, but from the pictures that i have seen they look good.

*Edit* Oh, and there's always Butterfingers
Hope this helps in your hour of need mate.
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When you come down to London, I can show you Oddballs that sell them.

Talk soon, Take care

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