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(Forgive me, but I reckon some ppl are not in the discussion-forum - hence I believe this to be important for the community)

Who doesn't know: A "soft" Nunchaku is made from plastik and wrapped in foam, connected with a cord - prepared in such way that

a) the cord will rip, when the force exceeds a certain limit

b) the nun-chak has a predetermined braking point

It's exclusively for training purposes - to hurt, or kill someone is nearly impossible (got one myself).

Allegedly it has now been ruled by a German court, that even soft nun-chaks are classified a "grade A dangerous weapon".

To carry one is a felony - NOT a misdemeanour/ regulatory offence!

Please be aware, when entering Germany: your nunchaks (no matter what kind) are illegal! If detected they will get confiscated and you will be charged!

I go with dream: the idiots are winning! eek ubbloco frown

Currently there is some uprising in the martial arts scene, as I guess that the ban includes artists and martial arts masters. A petition is prepared and I will keep you posted, where to find the petition - in case you want to join...

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Oh well.. rolleyes am I appearing obnoxious?

The people preparing the petition are looking for artistic glow/ firechak videos. Feel free to PM me, or post the links here, I will notify Oliver and he will be able to include them in his struggle to set the records straight...


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already pm you these but i figured i'ed stick them all here as well

mostly fire chux but with some other stuff

all fire chux

all fire chux but short

and some more

also try going to
its a nunchuck comunity page

also you may be intrested in the back ground of the guy who did the second video down hes actualy has some sevear disabilitys that hes managed to over come useing nunchucks its best explained by him here

but it makes an excelent case for nunchucks also been a therputic tool
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My nunchucks vital statictics biggrin

weight: 500g
handle lenght: 16 inches
chain length: 2 inches

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Rob - you R.O.C.K.!!!!!!

THANKS for that - I transferred the provided links immediately and learned at the same time, that Nunckaks are classified in the UK aswell. According to the sources:

Nunchakus are legal, but you're not allowed to carry them on your body, otherwise you get fined or imprisoned.

For transport you have to carry them in a closed bag, in order to disable immediate and fast access.

If you're trining in public places, it's recommended that you notify the next police station, or you might get yourself in trouble if a spectator reports you.

There are more regulations applicable for other (european) countries:

Switzerland - strictly prohibited! (soft NC's okay)

Netherlands - prohibited (soft NC's are okay)

France - you may buy, but not carry (recommended to carry in a closed bag at the bottom of your sportsbag)

Belgium - prohibited

Poland - illegal (soft okay, regarded as a toy)

Sweden - illegal

Spain - illegal to carry

Hungary - illegal, except for your own flat and the Dojo

Italy - legal

No information about Ireland, at this point. If you know, please tell.

(Disclaimer: the above informations are given in best faith, but no liability can be taken. If you want to make sure, pls call your local police station)

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

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