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Posted:A "soft" Nunchaku is made from plastik and wrapped in foam, connected with a cord - prepared in such way that

a) the cord will rip, when the force exceeds a certain limit

b) the nun-chak has a predetermined braking point

It's exclusively for training purposes - to hurt, or kill someone is nearly impossible (got one myself).

Allegedly it has now been ruled by a German court, that even soft nun-chaks are classified a "grade A dangerous weapon".

To carry one is a felony - NOT a misdemeanour/ regulatory offence!

Please be aware, when entering Germany: your nunchaks (no matter what kind) are illegal! If detected they will get confiscated and you will be charged!

I go with dream: the idiots are winning! eek ubbloco

Currently there is some uprising in the martial arts scene, as I guess that the ban includes artists and martial arts masters. A petition is prepared and I will keep you posted, where to find the petition - in case you want to join...

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