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What do you Dream about?

Do you remember your dreams?

I must admit, its not often I remember my dreams. When I do they are usually vivid enough to stay with me for a few days or years. I think there are a few reason for this. If I smoke before I go to bed for instance, I usually wake up groggy and with no memory of my dreams. If I dont get enough sleep, or indeed to much, its the same deal. I guess it also has to do with your sleep cycle. If any of you guys would know more about this I would be very interested to find out.

Im very interested in lucid dreaming also, and have had some experience with this, it seems to me that there is some kind of link to astral projection here too though I dont know alot about it. I was facinated when I read Carlos Casteneda and the Teachings of Don Juan. There are other methods and I was wondering if anybody else had any experience with this?

What do you dream about? Are they recurring? Is it the same dream or is it theme that is recurring? Are they always different or ramdon? Any particular dreams stand out?

For as long as I can remember I have had flying or floating dreams, it usually involves me running to or from something. I may be with a group of people or running from a group of people or maybe even alone. The destination and content are very variable, some are scary, some are fun. The theme is always the same though. Running, jumping, bouncing, floating. Over buildings, off the tops of high stairs or walls, black flips and somersaults, always in slow motion always with a sense of adventure, good or bad, and a journey into the unknown. I was never caught either.

I used to dream about conflict where I would get into a physical fight with someone and would be unable to hit them. My fist would just slide off in ultra slow motion before it connected. Very frustrating. This went on for years until finally one night I had a dream about man driving a car that nearly hit me. He got out of the car and started shouting at me, I promptly floored him with a good solid punch, I also woke up at that instant and shouted Yes! and I was so happy I threw my arms up in the air. I havent had a dream like that since.

Last week. I dreamt I was a super hero. I didnt think I was a super hero, but I had a sidekick.. I was creeping around a very large ruin looking for the bad guy. I saw him just before I woke up. Straight out of a marvel comic. It was at night, all I saw was his dark outline. I wasnt scared either. I was hunting.

More than any other dream. One that I had about five years ago has stayed with me more than any other. I dont really remember what I was dreaming about. I was in bed with my - then - girlfriend and I woke up screaming. I didnt just scream though. I was lying flat on my stomach and I jumped clean out of the bed and curled up in the corner in a ball. A complete quivering wreck. I wouldnt let anyone touch me or so come near me for a long time. Pure terror, it took a ages for me to calm down and recognize the people in the room enough to get back into bed and I didnt stop shaking until I fell asleep. To make matters worse, when i woke, the rabbit got out of its hutch downstairs and decided that would be a good time to go for an adventure. He was scratching on the bedroom door and every time I heard it I nearly jumped out of my skin. All I remember was that I was in a forest and was approaching a big tree. I was looking around the base of it. Thats it. Nothing in my life has ever even come close to scaring me that much.

Please feel free to share your dreams here. We dont need to interpret them for each other, I think that is something personal for all of us.

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I dreamt christmas the other night. I got my clubs, i was happy. Now i get to do it all over again in 11 days biggrin

I had 5 dreams in 6 hours of sleep last night.

Woke up at about 5am and felt really awake.

Normally I sleep for up to 12 hours and still feel knackered.

So i went for a firey spin while it was still dark.

Its been a weird day so far.

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last night, i dreamed i saw my boyfriend running by my house but he lives a 40min car drive it doesn't make sense
oh and i dreamt i told off an ex's friend for calling so late-he actually called at 11 when i get up at 5 and am a total brat if i don't get eight hours of sleep...i wish i could remember what i said...because it was good and he wouldn't do it again

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monserat, that sounds like you could have been having breathing problems while you were sleeping, if it happens again you might wanna get it checked out...

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I have quite a bit of lucid dreaming.
i feel really connected to my sub-consciouss.
i used to have dream where i was running away from visible enemis.
it was really recurring, but i guessed why it was, i was facing an amazingly big lifechanging decision...
and i havent had sex for months so i dream about sex quite often, but then i wake up frown:(:(:(
back to lucid dreaming.
its quite easy to have one.
just rest at noon.
when you go to sleep at night, your mind needs rest, so you need at least 5 or6 hours of rest before you start dreaming.
at noon, you slept all night, so you go directly to dreaming, so its easier to wake up in the middle wink
try it out

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dreamed last night that I could breathe underwater and that I could drive a hover car with my mind... awesome dream... then arsn booted me and woke me up...! ubblol

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Ive been having really intense and vivid dreams lately. So vivid that it almost hurts when my alarm goes off and wakes me up. frown

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Random 2 year bump.. But I did a search like a good girl biggrin

Just.. I've been having some weird dreams lately, I was half tempted to send this one off to one of those women's magazines, the ones who 'translate' them..

It was actually in split-screen, as though each eye was seeing something different, and I was somehow focussing on both at the same time, even though they were overlapping in front of me.
The left half was seeing an endless row of grapes I was picking, and I kept repeatedly picking the same bunch shaped like a demon's head..
The other eye was seeing random people I knew basically stationary in odd tableaus, like, sitting up a tree, with just one leg slowly kicking, and someone standing completely stationary, with their mouth open, full of leeches (yeah, it was a bit disturbing)..

I don't think that means much apart from, possibly, I'm not.. quite.. right.

I also dreamt not long ago that England invented a matter transporter, and sent the queen to Mars.. biggrin


If that's okay with you?

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I dreamed last night that I had a diamond lodged within my throat.

The doctors pulled it out (because it was conveniently tied to a piece of string)

Then the authorities set up a miniature gem-mine industry within my mouth, and tiny little borrower-like people were chipping a way at my teeth's shiny interior.

The strange thing is is that I woke up with the sorest throat I've ever had.

Blasted pixy miners.


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Oh, jeeze, dreams... I could go on for a long long time about all the dreams I remember. But I'll mention the latest and greatest.

The most vivid and lifelike dream I have ever had scared me to death. Thankfully someone was spending the night. Anyways, I was at my apartment and I went outside with my friend (who was spending the night that night). He pointed out his friend (who lived above me and frequently got very very drunk) who was drunk and climbing the stairs. I wanted to go to bed, so I dragged my friend inside and went to bed. In the dream, I woke up and asked him to switch sides of the bed with me because I had a bad feeling and didn't want to be on the edge, but against the wall. He did, but while he was doing so, he noticed something in my room. A ghost. I didn't want to be near it, so he picked me up but was frozen near it. He wanted me to touch it. He kept saying that if I touched it, we would leave. I was crying because I was so scared. I touched it and it was solid. Velvety. I started screaming as it moved in response to my touch. Then I woke up. Not fun.

Recently I have had dreams where I've been hopping really high. That was cool. And it took, like, no effort.

The other night I had a dream where I was at this school. And to talk to my boyfriend, I had to sneak across the parking lot, to this cage in a swampy area. He was at work. I was mad or something at people for creating this stupid system, so I got cranberry juice from a vending machine and started covering cars in it. And for some reason, like a small bottle covered, like 5 cars. Anyways, people got mad about that, but they didn't know who it was. And I didn't fess up. But I ended having to run away to this narrow boarkwalk filled with water and weird creatures. Then I fell into more water underneath it. Then my stepmom drained the top

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I had a dream last night that a nature goddess told me there was going to be a flood of the city where I was living (for some reason it was set in the medieval age and I was living in a really large house: a bit like one I used to live in when I was 5 in Lincolnshire)

so I tried to get as many people into the building as possible, but no soldiers as they were fighting (I don't know where), and no priests as they didn't believe me. Then I tried to barricade the windows and doors on the ground floor of the house, but the water was still seeping in a bit.. and then I woke up

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i keep having the same one where we are all being chased and eaten by dinosaurs and im trying to save all these people i dont know but they are all very dim and keep getting eaten. and the result is me nearly getting eaten every time i try help these silly silly people. what i would give for a nice happy dream about bunnies and sunshine and dinosaurs!

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I had this strange dream a few nights ago. Probably as a consequence of me checking the HoP forums any time possible.

That's all I remember from it:

I was at local grocery store and saw a shelf with chocolate spreads and I thought "I haven't eaten Nutella for decades, hell, I'll go buy a jar" and I went to the shelf to pick it up and I checked the price and the medium jar cost 57.90 and just as I started thinking if I really wanted this Nutella so much I woke up.

So the hard decision has been made for me biggrin

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where's Ado anyway?

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Oh my... last night I've been dreaming about preparing my leave from Germany (seems as if my dreams sometimes are way behind RL events)... it's been SOO hectic, as I've been still stuffing storage 1 hr prior to scheduled departure, meeting the guy who rented me the place, responding to his puzzled remark: But I don't even know you! with: Yeah, I cut my hair, Sir...

It's been SUCH a complex dream and again, it felt SO real that I've been waking up in a hurry laugh3

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Last night I dreamed the front of my house collapsed due to termites eating the frame. I've just booked a pest inspector to come around.

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.

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weird ship smile i'll inform next time i remember, although often i wake up and remember it but by the time i'm on the pc that evening i've forgotten.

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Me Seye and Simta were picking the massive crop of 'shrooms that had grown in my Mum's garden a few nights back.
I was very sad when I woke up..

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oh oh i remember part last nights...although at first it may have been a bit sexual involving my gf and another girl i kind of know (strangely the other girl looked much more like a stereotype model than she really is)... but afterward i went outside and did some white water rafting on a man made course only i was on a lilo and my friend had a canoe but some random got angry at me and tried to knock me off and it turned out it was like a _surf map from counterstrike but i was 1337 and grinded my way in to beat him to the finish...

did i say my dreams are weird? tongue2

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I have a tendency to have very vivid dreams at the time but shortly after waking up I seem to forget them.

I've been meaning to keep a dream journal but I never seem to get around it.

Sometimes I dream about seemingly small things, like the other night I dreamt that some fire swords I recently bought were not covered in kevlar but leather, and they had frayed down the middle... needless to say I did go and check them to make sure they were still okay tongue2

I also had a dream about a month ago where I saw three people trying to fight each other to the death around a 4WD/SUV (i've never owned one and not fond of them in city areas, but I digress). There was nothing epic or celebratory about the encounter, it was quite horrific, and I was powerless to stop it, but it seemed a stalemate fight...if one of the three gained an upper hand, the remaining two would group together and thwart the superior which would result in the other two fighting amongst themselves until one was close to dying, then the previously thwarted would return and fight that person off...this went on for some time.

At the time someone dear to me interpreted it as three pressures/issues in my mind fighting for the most attention/dominance, and was interpreted as a throwback to me being unable to focus on either of the three pressures long enough to resolve them (which are real, ongoing pressures by the way).

I think I will go buy a notepad and a pen and chain it to my bed smile


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Last night I had a dream of getting a parking ticket.

Today I got a parking ticket.

I also had a dream of The Rocky Horror Picture show with Howard Moon and Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh starring as Brad Majors and Janet Weiss.


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I dreamt about a random HoP meet last night in my back garden in my old house.. I was teaching a girl poi showing her the basics then bender (who I have never met in real life btw, and dont think it looked like him but knew it was him.. Im not stalking you man!!:P) came up and i asked the girl if she knew any moves and she said yes but was looking for new moves. not basic like I was teaching her.. Then lots of random people gathered in my garden and my house! Really weird cos I have never been to a HoP meet, and its not because I've been on HoP too much because i've been offline for a few days....

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I remember my dreams often when I don't sleep well, When im having fitful sleeping or keep getting woke up. Also I remember them when im detoxing off of alcohol. The dreams I have when I am comeing off of a crazy drinking be Inder are pretty bizarre and super vivid. This is apparently really common for alcoholics. When im on a freight train im often detoxing and sleeping poorly because it's loud noisy and bumpy and I don't want to sleep to much because I need to get off the train before it goes past my stop. Ive had some pretty bizare and hilarious dreams on trains. My faviroute was a dream I had where in my dream it was snowing so I broke into the container on the car I was rideing in, (if you ever get the dumb idea to try trideing a freight train... dont ever break into the container, you can go to jail if you get caught doing that and it really pisses off the rail companies when it happens.. not good)

Anyways I broke into the container and found a elevator that went up to some film noir style mafia boss penthouse atop a huge sky scrapper. I started yelling at the itallian mafia boss that he shouldn't have a elevator on a train because it was impossible, and got tossed out the window by his muscled body guard. I woke up at that point. Really weird dream. I also have a lot of dreams about takeing trains that take me to impossible places. Like in my dreams I wake up and realize my train has pulled into a train yard in russia, or africa or someplace.

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I had a dream in which i stole some decorative katanas from toys r us, and i ran away with such ninjitsu speed that the swords acted like wings and i flew through the skies over a battle-torn risk board (like the board game)

I found my friends and my dad in an outhouse fighting an ogre, so i slayed it by firing a giant red energy ball out of my sword.

I left the small group to fly to the casino, where a large fleet of kamikaze aircraft tried to crash into me and knock me out of the air.

It was very vivid at the time, and i was very unaware i was sleeping.

Plus i really felt like i was flying. I was sad when i woke up and found out i couldnt fly.

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I don't always remember dreams. Very few have ever been sexual, and that was satisfying but you know how that is...

I end up running a lot in dreams. For some reason I have a lot of memorable dreams about me fighting for my life.

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The other night I dreamt I was in a music video with Agro from Agro's Cartoon Connection.

He was naked from the waist up.

The music was a mesh of Placebo and Bon Jovi.

The dance and video shoot was very Chippendale themed.

I was not on drugs prior to sleeping.

For those who didn't grow up with him on TV, this is Agro:

Non-Https Image Link


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Gah! He's scary.
Like an Animal cast off from the Muppets.

Anyway, Birgit, I visited him in his International House of Circus in Galway. It was a lovely time with wonderful people and he was doing well. That was about 6 or so months ago.

I have very vivid dreams that feel ungodly real. So much so that I am prone to disorientation when I wake. Not always but often enough that it's annoying. The problem with them is that I don't ever feel properly rested when I have them.

One to laugh at: the night I was leaving Sydney I dreamed that I was running late for my plane. Since I was really nervous and excited over heading to Melbourne I woke up, jumped up from bed and started to pack my last things and such to go. Then I realized it was only midnight and I still had about 5 hours of sleep left. There was seriously very little line between sleep and awake for me.

Last week, my first night back here I dreamed that the nuclear power plant we live near had been targetted but I was still in Oz. I was on the phone with Noah, Mark and Ted telling them to get out and that I loved them when the phone went dead. It came on the news that all the plants in the NE had been blown up and I lost the dream. However I also woke up crying so hard I couldn't breathe. I ended up going and checking on Noah and kissing him, just because I needed to..the dream was that real.
Sucked rocks, that one.

Love the ones where you wake up laughing or...well....

But yeah, vivid dreams= no real rest and that blows.

I also have had the same 3 dreams since I was about 5. Whenever I get them I know I am sick enough to go to the dr. or even the hospital. It always happens the night before I become ill and they haunt me through the illness. When they go away, I know I'm on the mend. *Always* the same 3 dreams, in the same order.

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I tend to not be in my dreams. They are like a movie.

If I am in them, I am likely to swap characters often.

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Over a month now without any 'special' cigarettes, and I am so sick of dreaming.
The nice ones are enjoyable, but they are few and far between.
I usually dream about zombies, spiders, evil dwarfs (dont ask, I dont know), previous arguments and arguments that might yet come and failing in general at life.
I will often wake up hitting or punching things.
I've also gotten myself into a fair bit of trouble by dreaming I've done important things, and thinking I've done them in real life.

Its strange as I'm the happiest I've been in months, yet I'm getting the most horrible dreams.
I used to be able to lucid dream beautifully, but I've lost the knack to it now and it just feels like I'm stuck in a terrify movie that I cant alter or change until I wake up.

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Dreams that you can control are fun. Although, like I said, I tend to only be a spectator watching other people.

'We're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad." [said the Cat.]
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here."
- Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

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I had a dream that I was a zombie, then as a zombie I started turning into a werewolf.... I was in my friends car and I kept telling her that everything was ok... I just needed to go to the store cause I was thirsty.... Even so, I just looked up some info about zombie/werewolf dreams and it just seems like I'm a depressing person

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