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Tao Star

Tao Star

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Posted:heard about this a while back and i just went to visit the sounds like a pretty good idea, especially for londoners. i havne't passed my test yet...but it's something i thought people might like to know about biggrin

Basically they have lots of cars all over london and you can hire them in 30 min blocks or a few days or whatever, membership is free & you get 30 miles free petrol per day!

basically it's fab if you have no one to liftshare with & saves people getting cars which they then use ALL THE TIME when they know they shouldn't i.e. just to go down the shops, just because the car's there.

Check it!

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Posted:So basically it's like a car rental...

No, actually it's exactly like a car rental.

Careful on insurance and such.

Sounds cool though.

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Posted:they had a mention about this on 5th gear or top gear some time back.......not a bad idea but..................watching rogue traders last night was a bit scary as it was all about car and van hire companys that willingly hired out potentially leathal cars and vans.


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Posted:Find me a car on the road today that's not potentially lethal. Agreed, some are worse than others, but they can all still kill you.

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Posted:I'm member of City Car Club in Bristol. It's better than your usual car rental as you can "hire" it for as little as an hour.

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