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I'm proud to present you this twirling video I've made when I was in Roma for the International World Comptetition of twirling. It's quite a long video, so sit down, put the sound up, and open your eyes biggrin

=> Twirling.Roma.2006.avi (10' ; 100 Mo)
(right click, save as...)

Music :

Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection - Reservoir Dogs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Somebody Has To Pay - Susie van der Meer - Run Lola Run: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Non-Https Image Link


*** Screenies ***

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

***Youtube*** (unadvised because the sound is slightly delayed)

Non-Https Image Link

Leave a comment if you liked it biggrin

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Posted:I liked it!

Sweet video.

biggrin ubbrollsmile biggrin

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Posted:Pretty cool alright. And not just coz the vid is chock full of pretty girls either.

Those two in white are class!



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