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Posted:hello there. jus curious to know if theres any poi clubs in leeds to learn lessons. so far google hasn't really turned up anything for around leeds.
anywhoo if no one has a clue still there was a post on here ages ago about going outside the drydock on mondays to do stuff, anyone up for that, i might actually learn more than the 3 moves i can do already.


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Posted:if you can make it to bradford for 8.0pm on Thursdays there is a uni society that spins, poi/staff/diablo/juggling.

everyone is really friendly, you don't have to be at uni, and i started going last week, and in one session i masterd the reverse 3bt weave and the alternet butterfly!

pm me if you want more details.


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Posted:Thread revival!

Im looking for intermediate/advanced spinners to learn new stuff and hopefully teach them new things aswell in Leeds.