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Posted:This idea is to simply take an existing move and replace

Poi head and handle in it, with both Poi.

Advanced can consider, where to place hands.

An example:

[Staff full izo]

Non-Https Image Link

I tried it, can be done easily with one hand one-handed

holding handles and the other holding izolated Poi head.

[Broken staff full izo]

Non-Https Image Link

Didn't tried, possibly could be done the same way as pre-

vious, else dunno, not yet.


That's it, just remember your moves.


Looking left?

have fun,



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Posted:lol ritchie.

the first like hybrids,

the second... hummmmmm

ever just wanna dance with poi? wink

T wave

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Posted:Move 1 are hybrids.. I am learning them now, not SO hard if you know what to do..

Move 2 is a suicide when the heads are tangled and you let go of one handle smile

anyway, Richee I hope youll be @ the workshop in october, we can discuss that there.. wink

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

Wonders never cease as long as you never cease to wonder.


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