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Posted:Has enyone noticed that most Buzz saw tutorials have the Poi spinning forwards where i personaly find it easyer to spin it backwards ie. poi coming towards you.
what do other people think about this?

Live life in a spin but if you fall dont come crying to me!!!

Live life in a spin!!!
but if you fall don't come crying to me!!!

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Posted:You can spin either way. It dosn't matter.
The differant ways just lead to differant transitions and combinations of moves you can do after the buzzsaw.


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Posted:I find it much easier to get into the backwards buzzsaw than the forwards, and as a result I am more used to it and so find it easier. Don't do the forward one much...



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Posted:I think it's more of a matter of opinion than anything else. I myself have no trouble doing buzzsaw foward or backward or perpendicular to my body.



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Posted:A matter of preference, and like aimee says, just gives you different transitions and combos.

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