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Posted:Saw saw this and instantly thought of you lot although I haven't been on here (or even san) for many months now.

Few searches and I could see you talking about this sort of stuff, but not link to youtube so hopefully you haven't all seen it wink


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Posted:LOL unbelievable


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Posted:When the hell did MCP turn into a japanese guy's hand? eek wink

That's incredible, serious skill! I bet they can't do it with fire though ubblol

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Posted:Wow, some very cool stuff. Would love to sit at my desk and do even half of that ;D

Did read an interesting website about it once though, all about the mods and stuff you do to get the weighting right

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Posted:yeah that's not japanese of origin. lol me and my friends used to do it at school in year 11 and 12. haha yeah though i never had the properweighted pen my friend was really quite good at it. not like them however.



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Posted:Thasnks to stumble, I found this the other day which shows you some of the basic tricks and how to do them, hope it is of interest...



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Posted:Reminds me of those mini staves Julien made for a couple of people at the first PLAY! smile


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Posted:desktop staff ... looks fun

i bet their thumbs ache after a while though

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Posted:There's another thread you might be interested in.

I wish japanese techno rock popped up whenever I spun pens...

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Posted:ubblol the music definately adds something to it...

Incredible what you can learn in school... I wish, I had... wink

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Posted:Nice. I saw a thread for Zippo tricks around here somewhere..something related kinda...but still good good. ^^

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Posted:*awe* A friend of mine could do things like that back in high school, but NOT like that. No where near close to that!


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Posted:very cool. but the amount they have to modify those pens i think its a bit over the top to call it "pen spinning" by the same token we could call staff "tree spinning" as theres such a great difference between the name and the actual tool ubblol

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Posted:Wow that is pretty wicked

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Posted:Hmm...can't you buy a tiny staff, fully functional, of tepooka? with a "Not for pen spinning"semi-serious warning on it?


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Posted:I can spin my pen around my thumb... sort of... if the weathers right... oh who am i kidding, thats amazing!

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