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Posted:no fair, went out onto the campus field to meet the juggling society and have some help. they turned up late, so while waiting an 11yr old asked to try my poi so i let her, about half hour later, when i really wanted them back, she broke them. the string has broken with no hope of fixing it, as it right where it joins the bean bag. NO FAIR!
lucky i ordered some sock poi earlier today
am going to try some fabric glue, but i doubt it will work

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Posted:ahh the joy's of lending toys to childeren ubblol it's worse when it happens and it's an adult wink


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Posted:hug Aww honey! That sucks!

I wonder if the kid felt any remorse for it... spank

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Posted:children are dangerous with poi, occasionally they run off with them and pretend to lose them in rivers so they don't have to give them back. Or give them to some other kid to hide them... or break them....

non-poi children (by which i mean, those not brought up by poi-ists themselves) and poi, do not mix. wait until they're older before you lend them things.

as for fixing them, your best bet would be to undo the stitching make the string a bit shorter and restitch, fabric glue won't cut it methinks...

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Posted:she was doing so weel with them, i was happy for her to use them, unitl i tried to teach her a few things. #bang# hit the ground.
she didnt seem remorseful at all, just gve me an 'oh well'' look.
thanks for the advice on how to fix them, i will give it a go. xxx




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Posted:a serious case of deja vous.... biggrin

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Posted:Yeh a kid broke mine too, i just sort of got this saggy flap of material that was once my poi, fortunately it was my old pair though:)

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