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Posted:I know there are a few threads open on this general topic but I did want to take it from another angle. I didn't realize that New York City had some of the strictest building regulations in the country (and therefore probably the planet)... This article appeared in the weekly paper if anyone's interested in what the backlash is over here.
I guess this explains why I've been having such trouble getting stuff going out here. For those planning to visit NYC, come on out. We'll spin glowsticks, you can remind me what it's like to do fire, it'll be great.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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Posted:...what we do is soooooo very different to pyrotechnics, but unfortunately mass hysteria and public build up over this is filtering its way even to little corporate events (even outdoors) that we are performing with simple fire performance now.

Unfortunately, the general public & consequently our potential clients don't understand the difference.. and in the forefront of their minds is all this media hype from the nightclub fire... (not to downplay the tragedy of it in any way)
We have definitely noticed a backlash even all the way over here in little isolated Brisbane - and hearing that fire performers in Sydney have had shows cancelled (so far nothing so drastic for us)... we're just noticing a lot more pressure from event organisers to justify the safety of what we do.

Without going over the same ground as has already been discussed, I do agree that it just highlights, though, what kind of impact any negative press from other fire accidents could have on professional performers... and although this was a completely different situation, people who aren't informed about what we all do and the relevant safety that we implement won't know the difference between fire & pyro... so the negative affect that any fire/pyro accident will have...

I am sure there will be stricter guidelines on what we do implimented, and unfortunately I don't think it will be people who know anything much about fire performance who do this.

Hopefully the more subtle influence an accident like this has (eg general fear and adversion to booking anyone who does anything with fire... because fire=bad in their minds) will fade though... because this less tangible affect is the one that has a lot more impact on whether a client will book a performer...

it will also be interesting, come public liability insurance renewal time, to see if fees will be up, or in fact whether fire performers will continue to be covered.

(my sincerest apologies if any of this sounds like a selfish slant on a very tragic event...)


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Great article thank you for taking the time to post it .

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Posted:Can I say this?

I know Bob! He signed a card for me when I was in the hospital!

Anyway, it was a well written (at times too opinionated) article. I really appreciated it. But unfortunately it just really recounts what is already out there, and doesn't help to stop the hysteria, or find a solution.
Thanks NYC.

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Posted:Well time keeps on slipping into the future, hope we can still do what we do. I know this, I'll be doing Outdoor shows for a while now.
Good article NYC!

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Posted:hmmm, I thought it was weird here to be grouped with pyrotechnicians here.. I thought the performing art and the fireworks would be classified differently, at least somewhere. Is it the same way around the world guys? Britain, Australia?? I like the paragraph at the end, at the very least it lends something to the "competent operators", which has been the response from fire marshalls here in town. No problems performing for the mayor here last night, his greet was dual fire pillars But there's even a 'task force' in this small town, checking out clubs, we were moved outside for a club show on friday. But nothing too drastic here, but I'm trying to make it a point to know all of the fire marshalls in this town(since it is that small ).

wonderin if the fire dept teaches staff or double staves...

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