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Forums > Videos > Shiva's Irons The Movie and New VID - "Equinox"

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Posted:Here are the YouTube links to both of my videos.

Shivas Irons

Equinox (New Vid)

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Posted:Nice vid! You play very controlled,,,
one suggestion; try to chqnge more/quicker from trick...


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i disagree with dranke about the trickswapping.
i love it when the spinner takes the time they need and dont rush anything, u can watch the sam trick 3-4 times without getting bored.
i like it verymuch though i think you should learn to antispin that buzzaw flower at the end cause you seemed very limited by now knowing it.

those are my 50 cents, peace out=P

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Posted:that was really nice to watch smile

good things:
buzzsaw plane control was really good
nice slow stalls
nice body movement
thru the legs stuff was bang on
your fountains almost looked like hybrids!
very controlled

it was a bit dark to see what was going on sometimes (always a problem with fire vids)
the antispin flower timing was a bit off

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Posted:Thanks for sharing....good video weavesmiley
nice variety of moves & flow. Only crits same as LazyAngel; darkness & antispin flowers - damn they're tricky to get clean.


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Posted:New Video link in original post