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Posted:Anyone in New Orleans interested in teaching the art of Poi? I've been to Burning Man 2 years in a row and I'm so drawn to it! I've just ordered my starter kit and I'm ready to learn. Thanks hug

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Posted:Yep !! if any other person interested, just contact me !! I'm not an expert but I can show you some stuff and practice together ... See you !!


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Posted:I'm in the Jackson Mississippi area, but go to NOLA a good bit, always up for meeting with other spinners and will teach anything I know. Drop me a message if you ever want to chat.


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Posted:I practice alittle. Im guessing you live around the marginy area? I live near sound cafe.


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My b/f and I are moving over there in a couple of weeks. We're in Baton Rouge at the moment, but are going back and forth a bit. (We just moved down here from Portland, OR.) We have a place to practice, lit or not in Chalmette, but it's kind of out of the way. We would be happy to meet any of you anywhere convenient to you. Our schedules are totally flexible.

We are trying to get a circle together with drummers, so he can play with them while I (and whoever else comes along) spin(s)/hoop(s)/bellydance(s).


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Posted:Awww, New Orleans...my home town. I love seeing that there are spinny types within the city...seems like a wonderful place for such an amazing art.

Just got back to Calgary from the area after visiting my folks for xmas.

Solitude sometimes speaks to you, and you should listen.


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Posted:hey I'm a newbie in New Orleans and just wanted to say hi. I was doing some promotions for night clubs for a little while. I'd like to return to it in a few years. Maybe I'll just stick to fire dancing though.


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