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Posted:I was hoping to find people in the San Francisco bay area that wouldn't mind getting together. I just started swinging and its hard to learn without the help of others. So if you would be interested in something like this then post something up

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Posted:If there is a Mecca for fire spinners, thenSF must be it! While I was out visitingSF a few months ago, I was lucky enough tohave a friend take me out to one theregular spin jams held at a dance studioin the Mission district. I had such anincredible time there I've been working toput the same type of thing together backhome in Baltimore. I've been told there areoften gathering of spinners on hippy hillin Golden Gate Park on Saturday and Sundaymornings, but it was raining when I was outthere so I wasn't able to hook up personally.I'm sure some SF ppl can fill you in, butif that doesn't happen just send me someemail and I'll hook you up with a few.-p.