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Posted: When I started juggling there was no such thing as spinners, or if there was nobody had realised yet.

There were diffrent types of juggler, contact jugglers, Poi, staff, cigar all came under the general heading of "Juggling"

I was surprised when Poi and Staff people began to claim a diffrent title. I heard people saying "It's more of a spinners workshop/event" or "It's more for jugglers"

I guess it come hand in hand with Poi and Staff maturing as disciplines, they have come so far recently. When I started there really wasn't much to learn, no Wibbling or antispin or hyperloops and any contact move made you an acknoledged master

What is the diffrence between jugglers and spinners?

Ps- the title of this thread wasn't meant to indicate that they were in opposition or fighting

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Posted:Seems as if this thread is still in the wrong forum, however I guess there is little interest in the topic.

Maybe we check again for the next grand EJC and gather more complaints from members of the board against "jugglers generally disapproving spinners" before we bump this thread again.

Mucky, thanks for participating. Now that you read the IJDB thread, you may have noticed that it is not about organizers not wanting fireperformances. They seem just tired of the same routines over and over, they are more interested in the technical aspects of spinning and (usually) "performances hide behind their prop", i.e. audience can't see what is really happening because of darkness and getting blinded by the fire/LED.

It seems as if the ratio of "spinners" vs. "worthwhile performances to receive recognition" seems to be pretty low... that's what I draw from this discussion.

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