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Posted:Hi there,

We used to have an excellent shop here in Newbury that sold kites, juggling clubs etc and more importantly poi. But it recently closed down and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy poi from in Berkshire. I know there are a lot of places online i could buy from, but I'd rather see what I'm buying as I'm new to spinning and the technical jargon is a bit confusing at this stage.

Cheers in advance guys,

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Posted:In Reading there's a similar kite shop type place that sold poi and juggling stuff.
it's in the Harris Arcade in Friar Street
there isn't a massive amount of choice there though, and i was last there about a year ago, so they could have disappeared.
juggly/kite shops can be a bit short lived frown

alternatively you could buy over t'internet from the HoP shop, or hyperloop.co.uk
i'd recommend HoP for fire stuff, and hyperloop for funky cone poi.

or make a trip into Camden in London and visit Oddballs (right next to the market at Camden Lock, usually a good choice of stuff, maybe a little pricey)
but i wouldn't recommend them for practice poi at the moment, they only have rubbish tails

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Posted: Written by: simian

but i wouldn't recommend them for practice poi at the moment, they only have rubbish tails

confused as in 'tails are rubbish' or 'the tails that oddballs are selling are rubbish'...?

i believe they are also selling purdy sock poi at the moment.

cole. x

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Posted:Hey FunkyGibber, I am a Newburian and I dearly miss that kite shop too frown for shame.

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