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Posted:I've been doing poi for a while now and have just got in to doing double poi, (two poi in EACH hand) and so far have only been able cope with simple moves and just wondered how far other people have got????

is it me or does nothing realy matter?


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Posted:i can do basic things like go infront/behind high low and mid - i just treat them like double staff - try doing 4 poi and double staff, hot and scary and they tend to tangle smile
turn to reverse, i don't know names i'm afraid


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Posted:wow, I didn't know you could that!

Something for me to work on in the future.

It could be worse - we could all have normal jobs.

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Posted:ditto wow ok... so if u hit ur self do u get double the pain? if so OUCH!
what fingers do you put the sets of poi on?

fake teeth and glue
fake teeth and glue

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Posted:i've tried seven poi in each hand before...


you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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Posted:This topic has already been covered but it's good to see that others have had the same idea

Clicky Clicky

Quad Poi

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