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Posted:I'm going to be a R.A. in the Massey University residence halls!

I applied for the job a month back. Had an interview on Monday (last week) and got the call last night. Living on campus again will be great... Two minute walks to classes, decent food, central heating.

I'll see if I can infect some of my residents with the fire-poi bug weavesmiley smile

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Posted:badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom!
offtopic i know, but your avatar made me!

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Posted:should be fun, no bills to pay, on jealous.

the resident tutor in my first year had a thing for nicking things out of peoples fridges and throwing them out the window. ubblol

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I did it for a couple of years. Good luck.

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Posted:I used to do it..

Get used to your sleep being interrupted a lot.. In fact, get used to everything being interrupted a lot.. But its worthwhile in the end.

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