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Posted:A group of spinners have formed a gathering in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

We spin fire and non-fire poi and staff, and are a friendly bunch! No cliques here. hug

The meeting point is the park near the tennis club on Downs Road, Dunstable (near Luton).
weavesmiley Map of the location on weavesmiley

Some parking is available in a car park at the corner of the recreation ground; I think you can also park on the roads nearby.

The next meeting will be tomorrow, that is Friday Sep 1, at about 8.30pm ish.
The intention is to have the meetings on Tuesday nights in the future.

We usually spin 'til 10 or 11.

See you there! biggrin

-Ant and Chelle

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Posted:Hiya, I'll be down in Bedford for a month from Monday! Have pm-ed some of the people in the various Bedfordshire threads, but just in case I'll bump this one biggrin

I won't have a car, so not sure I could get to Dunstable, but I'll try and find out about public transport. Just give me a shout and let me know if the meetings are still happening and when!

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Posted:Hiya i was just wondering if you were still getting together and spining ???


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