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Forums > Social Chat > does anyone poi in San Francisco Bay Area?

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Member Since: 13th May 2006
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Posted:does anyone poi in san francisco bay area? coz i poi and fire spin here in the philippines and i'll be going to SF in 2 weeks so i was wondering.. to all SF spinners.. lets all get together and learn tricks from each other yeah? send me a personal message if ever you're down with that. thanks


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Posted:Ahoy there!!

Try the "meet others" section, I'm sure you'll find someone... I tink Khan spins and plays in San Fran... Give him a PM smile



Member Since: 13th May 2006
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Posted:aryt man, thanks! who's khan by the way?


Member Since: 28th Aug 2004
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Posted:The meet others section is kinda useless for us in the States... frown
I'm In the SF bay area, there is poi stuff every tues and Thurs night around town, i'd love to get together and play!!
Email me or msg me on here smile


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Posted:also some areas have a thread in the events/gatherings section, But.....

This is not the events/gatherings section!!!!

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Posted:I know this is an old message, but I'm looking for any poi groups who are between Sacramento and San Francisco.. I'm new to spinning and would love to find a place/group who'll teach..



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Posted:And this is a little off topic, but I will be up in Oakland on the 9th of next month, and I'd love to meet some HoPpers. I'm going to Noel-ski's staff workshop so itd be great.

Sorry Draedean only people i know are Noel and a couple others in that group, from what it seems, they have a facility that does training/workshops you can prolly look them up on here or on tribe.net for sure. Good luck.


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