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This has been on CNN non-stop for the last day or so.... Imagine if it was someone twirling fire that started it.

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Posted:see now this is the kind of stuff that is going to p!ss people off.
some1 who thinks they know it all and all they only go bye what they see on t.v.
and its not a good thing to do just come on and
start talking sh!t you were mislead in your info
and mabey i was but either way i know my sh!t and you think you know your sh!t.
1 of us is wrong so to find out you post your facts from wherever your getting them from and i will post mine.
let the sh!t hit the fan.

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wazzzzzzzzup all im sundance from san antonio i dont know alot of you but i hope to get to know you better on here if your in san antonio write me a i.m. laters.........sundance


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Posted:Points his finger at sundance in disbelief and falls over laughing.

Has anyone heard any updates to this situation seems it's effects are well inforced, but the whole thing has fallen out of public view.

Went to a normal sized bar the other night and had to wait in line for people to leave... seems they reached compacity and were inforcing it. Prolly didn't help that 2 hours earlyer a large house had cought fire and sent billows of smoke up for everyone within 20 miles to see.

Is it just me or does fire just get really pissed off around this time of year?



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Posted:i just wanted to say that i think people are trying to lay blame on every party when in the end it was a tragic accident. sure, maybe it could've been stopped but it wasnt, and although its awful to think that this couldve been avoided,maybe we should stop critisising and just have some respect. when i saw the story in the paper there was a photo of a father who couldnt find his daughter who had been in the club. the look on his face was enough to make me cry more than i have in a long long time. as for the water bottle... what else could he do? if i remember correctly didnt one of the band members die in the fire? wouldnt that be enough punishment for the band?? im sure they are feeling the consequences too...



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Posted:Sundance, as a matter of fact, I don't really watch tv, and never the news. I got my facts from CNN online, Time Mag and the Post, as well as from friends in Rhode Island,other associated press articles, including those from Rhode Island, and from my friend who is the head of the Western New York Pyrotechnics Association.

In the future, if you become angry at being corrected, please do not stoop to name calling. Back yourself up with facts, reference points and where to find them (as I did)thus opening a debate, or take the constructive criticism gracefully. There is evidence of neither in you last post which attempts in vain to debase me.

And as a mod, I am going to reinforce the rule to please edit your swear words (use sh!t, or some such phrasing if you feel you must verbalize yourself in such a manner).

*laughing with Knagi and shaking head*
Knagi, I agree that the reprocussions are being felt still, and they will be for awhile. A din like this doesn't kick up so widely spread only to die the next day, you know? And it shouldn't really. Good things are coming out of these events (I think the max capacity thing has to do with the incedent in Chicago more than Rhode Island actually). I know that all the local clubs just went through another inspection, which while inconvenient definately assures everyone of thier safety.
I wouldn't say that fire has a vengence this time of year, but it seems more prevelant in the news for certain. I was flying the other day and saw a huge fire from the plane (it was one of those 30 seater planes that doesn't go high enough to break cloud cover). It was insane to see the fire from above, and we were a bit away from it. I only saw smoke and a couple of licks of flame, but I knew it had to be really big. I was somewhere between Rochester Airport and Dulles in Washington at the time but I didn't read about it anywhere, not that I had the time to over the weekend anyway. *shrug*

I agree PoiPixie. I agree.
And yes, one member of the band did die. So far there is still no litigating action. THe thing is, the families of the victims are the ones who put pressures on law authorities to come to an acceptible end with a "full" explaination, meaning a minute by minute playback, you know? I understand wanting to feel comfort from the helplessness such a loss incurs but it doesn't do anything but hurt others as well. Of course there would always be an investigation and such, but I think if this wasn't so media driven it wouldn't have been as involved of an investigation. I think the bar would have been fined. The pyrotechnic crew possibly jailed, fined and licensure revoked and the band would keep on rocking as best as they could. I think alot of this has to do with Great White being involved, you know? People assume club owners and bands have money they can get so I would bet there is going to be a large civil suit against both of them from the families in due time, which really is a shame. If a local band did something like this, then the news would have died in one day really. At least, that is what I think based on accidents like this in the past and on the Chicago incedent, which died pretty quickly in newsworthyness. *shrug*
In the end, from everything I have read, everyone is a little to blame. And it builds my respect for those artists like KISS who are involved in every aspect of the creation process of a show so that they know everything is done the way it is supposed to. Too many middle men spoil the stew!

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Posted:Hard to believe it was over 3 years ago...

"Biechele, 29, pleaded guilty in February to 100 counts of involuntary manslaughter and faces up to 10 years in prison. But the judge sentences him, Biechele is hearing from relatives of the victims.

Criminal charges are still pending against the club's owners, brothers Jeffrey and Michael Derderian.

The attorney general's office is seeking the maximum term for Biechele under his plea deal, saying he acted callously and recklessly. Biechele's lawyers are asking for community service rather than jail time, saying he never intended to harm anyone and could not have known about the foam on the club's walls."

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Posted:Le sigh...

This update is to include the fire at the nightclub in Russia over the weekend...

100 killed because pyrotechnics set fire to the roof - with only one exit.

Terribly sad, and very powerful reminder to check your venue before performing with fire/fireworks inside! (to be clear... this wasn't a fire performance accident... rather, stupid use of outdoor fireworks)

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Posted:It's stories like these that stop me from ever doing indoor fire shows. In the past five years I've only done one and only because it was in an idiot proof location. it was a metal warehouse with a concrete floor and for all intents and purposes completely empty of anything even remotely flammable.

Even a broken poi chain wouldn't have been an issue as the audience was on an elevated catwalk and out of range. I got stories though, from members of my troupe that aren't so discerning, including one that had the spinners on a dance floor with a low overhead environment that was covered in helium filled balloons.

Yep...they all burst, showering the performers in hunks of latex.




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Posted:makes me even wonder how to avoid nightclubs that plan such performances/ events... I dislike indoor events generally...

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Posted:Thats horrible news.... I saw it in the tv tooo



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