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M'zume (pronounced em-zoom-ay) means freedom or liberation. Our intention is to create an atmosphere of transcendence from the material to the spiritual through the powerful vibration of the drum.

^^Their definition.

Translation: A group of really cool people who actually love to see poi come out at their open practice sessions. Their music is inspiring, with a sort of Caribbean/African blend. The dancers are fun and spirited. The practice sessions are interactive with everyone who ends up stopping by, with members of M'zume handing out simple rhythm intruments and get people moving when they stand around for too long.

When: Every Tuesday night May through October from 8-10 pm E.S.T. - weather permitting.

Where: Asbury Park Boardwalk, in front of the Howard Johnson's and beside the Asbury Convention Center.

Thinking I've gone off the deep end? Well, I took some poi out there last week, and they got really into it. In fact, two or three of their dancers asked me to teach them this coming Tuesday. So, skill toys are now more than welcome every week at M'zume! Uh.... just not fire. It's on the boardwalk, so no fires! Sorry.

So, if you are in the area, or can get some free time, come on out!


"So long and thanks for all the fish."

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