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Posted:I just found this and thought it was a good idea in order to help stop spam.

So all im asking is that if you have any sort of website/ hosting/ myspace/ blog or anything, please goto the link, copy and paste the code and put it on your site. There are better instructions on the site.


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Posted:i use these guys: http://www.spampoison.com/
(not that any of the pages i use it on have actually been published yet!)

cole. x

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pass it on......

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Posted:Problem is that if you build a better mousetrap, someone will build a better mouse. (Well, that's how we biologists say it).

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Posted:Its nice in theory but surely the spammers will just write a line into the crawler code that ignores the these specific URL's (or IP's). Or better yet one that scans for infinite loops and doesnt run them.

I thought that there was an official body that you report spammers to but I cant seem to find it. Maybe I imagined it confused

Damn Doc beat me to it.


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Posted:Ah but you made yourself sound like King of all the Geeks Seye. So you win wink

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Posted:You're probably after spamcop.net (spamcop.com is just software marketing using the name).

A better idea would be to write something like php code, that generates a list of random email addresses in white on white at the end of all the pages on your site. It could even generate an infinite supply of individually named pages, so picking up loops would be a lot harder.

Picking random words in the page and turning them into links to genuine looking email addresses would really confuse crawler programs though, by making the mail links look a lot more like genuine ones. If you ran a forum, you could write code to do it, much like the way google ad-words work.

It's probably a waste of time using made up domain names in the email addresses, as it's pretty easy to run a DNS search to see if the domains exist, and remove addresses from those domains from the list. Same with any fake addresses, all you have to do is try and send to an address, if it doesn't get through, remove from the list (and add to a list of fake addresses not to include in future).

Alternatively, running the fake mail server spamd on your network is proven to cause a lot of problems for spammers.

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