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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > Tired of whacking myself in the head..Help me with my shoulder reels!!

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Posted:I'm new and i've been trying to get the shoulder reels (and hip reels for that matter) forever...it's not that i haven't tried...i've tried and tried for hours on end, but i keep whacking myself in the head, back, or getting the poi tangled... my problem seems to be my non-dominant hand, in my case my left hand...so any tips???

(Sry if my explanation was crap..)

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Posted:Would it be really obvious to suggest practicing one hand at a time. Lots. Until you can do it without thinking. Do it while listening to music or watching the TV. Break it up with other poi exercises, but tenacity is the key.
Focus on the path of the poi, visualise where it should be travelling.
Try just doing small circles in front of you as slowly as possible, then take the poi out behind you and bring it back. Try to make sure that when it is in front of you or behind you, the circle is a flat as possible, only leave that plane to cross it over your body.
Practice doing the small circles behind you.
Warm up and stretch.


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Posted:i found that keeping my palms pointing upwards when doing circles behind the head made it much easier. also, make sure your timing is right to avoid tangles. good luck!

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Posted:Thanx for the advice guys...and yea i practiced with one hand first, and then tried to do the two hands at once. But i'll take kash's advice and practice A LOT more one hand at a time. Thanx again guys,


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Posted:it's a pain to later have to learn to do it without the assistance...

but a lot of Poi stuff can first be more easily cracked as you watch yourself doing it in a mirror, or, more easily available, a window with a good reflection.

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