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Posted:I have discovered that a Dry sense of humor can mean many things to many people. So what is a dry sense of humor and more importantly .

If we think about it logically there should be an opposite, so what is a Wet sense of humor?

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Posted:Cantus =dry
NYC= wet
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Posted:Cantus has a sense of humour?

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Dry humour can be sarcastic, generally a little more subtle than normal humour.

Black comedy is often dry humour, you have to think about it a touch more as it's a lot less obvious.

I would consider most sarcasm as dry humour.

Slapstick is definately not dry humour.

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Posted:Toilet humour = wet.

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Posted:Dry humor is usually the art of humorous understatement. Example: "Hello, this is Dr. G. I was looking at my schedule and saw that Mr. Schneider is scheduled to see me at 3PM? Yes, well, he died last week, so I don't expect he'll be keeping it."

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Posted:Usually referring to dire, unfavourable or absurd circumstances with the adverse amount of nonchalance...

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Posted:me = dry humour, or dark humour........depends when you catch me wink

example wink



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Posted:Dry = Deadpan, cynical, sarcastic, intelligent and jaded.

Wet = Cream pie, All the american pie movies*, fart jokes and rolling round on the floor wetting yourself..

Dry humour can be done in the safety of your own home.

Wet humour is messy and, if done improperly, can take hours to clean up the mysterious stains.

EDIT: *I'd like to point out that these movies aren't actually funny, but their obsession with anything sex/bodily fluid related makes them prime suspects...

Hmm... Wet humour = body fluid related.. Possible hypothesis...

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Posted:well i serched some site and dry humour is =

Dry humour is humour told in a "dry" way, without emotion, e.g. seriously. So you tell a joke like it's not a joke, in a matter-of-fact kind of way. defines it as this:

humorously sarcastic or mocking; "dry humor"; "an ironic remark often conveys an intended meaning obliquely"; "an ironic novel"; "an ironical smile"; "with a wry Scottish wit"

I guess that wet humour is the bodyly fluid/ american pie style humor biggrin its funny in a sick and twisted way (like most things nowadays)

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Posted:Ide say Jeff(fake) is just about as dry as you can get in senses of humour. Followed closley by Julian Clary...funny how look simalar too **shifty eyes**

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Posted:talk to Finns, then you know what a dry sense of humour is

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Posted: Written by: Brit_Joe

Ide say Jeff(fake) is just about as dry as you can get in senses of humour. Followed closley by Julian Clary...funny how look simalar too **shifty eyes**

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