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Argh! NOOOOO!!!!

Was watching family guy last night on DVD and while changing discs saw a brief glimpse of the Rose Of Tralee competition on RTE.
Think of the "lovely girls competition" from Father Ted and you'll get the idea.

The contestant on at the time was called Emma Coffey from New Zealand, and wonder of wonders, she anounced that she was going to do a POI performance! yay! biggrin

I a had to pick up my jaw from the floor and scramble over to the couch in anticipation.......and......oh dear god no....... eek

Where I had been hoping to see some traditonal style poi of the Maori style (short strings, lots of wraps and rebounds) she pulls out a set of glowpoi about a meter long and procedes to do one of the most haggard ass poi routines it has ever been my misfortune too see.

I had to turn my back to the television only to see my fiance nearly crying with laughter, the whole routine consisted of (sloppy) butterfly to (sloppy) forward weave to (sloppy) butterfly to (sloppy) forward weave and so on.

And to top it all off it was done with a horrible dance version of Shakira's "hips don't lie" as the studio audience clapped along. Cheeese-O-rama.

This is the type of thing that makes people not want to hire us as performers, never mind exploding fuel or slippy floors, just really bad examples of the art done in a very public arena. angry

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Aww bless the Roses... rolleyes ubblol

Never worry Martin, Lisa and I, Cormac and Franscesca (from Cork), the Fanzinis and Tumble Circus did a big fire show on the Friday night for the Rose of Tralee.

It was a little better... in my humble opinion biggrin

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thanks tom, that link worked biggrin

i kinda agree with you actually. but if she wasnt comfortable with doing poi, why did she do it?

it said she was an acclomplished irish dancer so i dont know why she didnt do that.

i suppose the whole dress and heels thing would have put a dampener on that too! ubblol

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See, she's Kiwi on the RoT-festival, that takes place in... Why on earth would she perform an Irish folk dance?

When I (as a Bavarian) would go to such kind of festival, I'd play Poi, not "Schuhplattler" and people would ask me, why I didn't do something traditional... rolleyes shrug

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TabtI Doubt, Therefore I Might Be
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whats shuhplattler? sounds like a dance...stampy shoes kinda thing.

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Possibly whilste eating some sort of smoked sosage at the same time tongue

Ooohh its a beauty contest. I just thought it was a talent show in general. I suppose that explains the dress too which baffled me a little. Well that makes it different, I was thinking she came on a general talent show and did something she was rubbish at lol

However I am starting to think on birgits post, maybe she did tell a few porkys on her application if she ended up doing poi like that, rather than her X years of violin or something. ubbrollsmile

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