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Posted:Dear all,

Thanks to all those that sent in videos and music to be considered for this years COL video.

This year we had over 100 submissions and 31 were chosen to represent the full range of entries received.

Full list of those appearing in the video is listed here

Congratulations to those who made it onto the final DVD and also those that sent footage but were not picked, as we found the overall level had once again gone up another notch.

For those new to COL ...

It's not a "see the best of the world" DVD at all, more of a varied look at the different styles, correography, costumes, techniques, entertainment, arangements, flow, equipment (and the list goes on) that are out there at the moment.

We hope to have the DVD ready for public sale from the beginning of next week at the latest.

All other HOP produced DVD's (excluding the free fire safety DVD) have been removed from sale for a few days as we review pricing.

I will try and make a preview video of COL2006 within the next 24 hours.

Much thanks again for all the effort put into the entries.

Kindest regards


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Posted:I'm glad that RHD are on the DVD at all.
a twirling DVD without them is like a star wars movie without jedi and very large model spacecraft with little lights...

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Posted:check this out:


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Posted:well having watched the dvd i think its a shame antti's contact routine wasnt on there, it would have been nice to see some clean contact on there. I must say im quite curious as to why it wasnt put on there

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