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Posted:I thought that there should be a thread where people can post links to funny/ wierd/ unusual news stories that they have seen.

So I made this thread. umm

Man slapped in face with wet fish

Man trapped waist deep in chocolate
Fishermen lost at sea for a year

Is strange carcass the 'hybrid mutant'?


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Posted:The hybrid mutant one is scary frown




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Posted:" 5000 illegal ravers invade davidstow airfield"



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Posted:ubblol brilliant, i can't believe someone actually fell in chocolate biggrin

but i thought the mutant cat/dog/bear thing was kind of cute in it's own way...

this is a good thread, but i don't have a funny news story for it, but i do have a good headline that i saw a while back...

"Bodies found in graveyard"

umm biggrin

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Posted:I can't post a link, cause it is a radio show I am listenning to, the CBC...

But I am laughing, cause sometimes Canadian news is just so radically and delightfully different from the USA.

For example, the lead story here is about home break ins in a ski/resort community called Whistler, BC. frown

The funny bit is that it is *black bears* doing the breaking in! eek

ubblol I guess not so humorous for the homeowners really, apparently they are quite destructive. But still, I was laughing as I listenned , had been expecting to hear about some awful armed home invasions, not black bears...

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