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An interactive experiment ~ submersive equinox experience
Indoors ~ outdoors ~ sonic ~ visual ~ organic ~ digital
Backdrops ~ banner art ~ sculptures ~ flags ~ projections ~ belly dancers ~ fire performers ~ Markets stalls ~ clothing ~ art ~ herbs ~ food ~ drinks ~ chai

A sonic journey of dub ~ chill ~ goa ~ psychefreq ~ breaks ~ electrofunk ~ progressive ~ ausuomi ~ comedy trance ~
experimental electro acid jazz!!

Valve tuned dual sounds systems for a high~phi harmonic experience!

Co~creative creatures
Izwoz vs biofreq ~ tiphareth ~ renderon vs neuronic

Electron spin resin antz
zowzi(live) ~ noise puppets (live) ~ preying mantra(live) ~
groovy boots ~ sourcepan ~ oli ~ goanymph ~ biofreq ~ ne1 ~ fungku

23rd September 2006 7pm Saturday - 2pm Sunday afternoon
Come for the night-stay for the day!!
Adelaide speedboat club grounds
all ages, alcohol free event, friendly security, toilets and onsite parking

$30 at the gate, $20 in costume!!

An experimental game

Ways to score:

*Bring things to openly share
*make others feel good
*collect good ideas
*Play tricks on the mind to trick the brain out of time
*come dressed in your freakiest, even change throughout the night
*dance like the village idiot, (guaranteed to get you high!)
*have fun, let it out, freak out, go mad!!!....

All elements of the game are worth massive points, collect as many as you can.
The game is self scored, as you are your own court.
The idea with your winnings is to go home and create something positive in life.

Costumes can be hired or hand made clothing creations, face and body paint or any form of wearable art.

Equinox / annular solar eclipse/new moon/passing asteroid
On the Equinox, the Earth and Sun are in perfect alignment. The sun is centered between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. This creates a balancing energy that naturally harmonizes the planet and humanity.
Ancient traditions all over the world understood that the equinox is a powerful time for manifesting dreams and visions. An equinox has always been honored as a highly balanced and transformative experience.

Friday is a new moon and an annular solar eclipse, Saturday is the equinox as we are passed by an asteroid.

Contribute / thanks and enjoy!
These events happen because so many amazing beings focus their energy and time into something they all feel drawn to and believe in.

Creator universe can be seen as a catalyst, a conduit and a vessel for the expression of the unlimited universal imagination connected to all creatures.
Interested artists, performers, market stall holders and anyone who wishes to contribute to the project please make contact, all ideas welcome.
The more we all put into it, the more we all get out of it!

The collective experience is what this thing is all about; the anticipation of what is possible is mind boggling!
Enthusiasm is the driving force, what crazy ideas are hidden in you?

Much appreciation and acknowledgement goes out to the efforts of all those involved, to the party goers for support and having so much fun, to all those who have inspired us in any way and to the amazement and excitement of us all being here having this human experience

Energy and vision is focused to make every event the maddest it can be and each aspect of every event is always an experiment, so please come with no expectations, just wide open imaginations!

Come join the beast, help expand its brain!

Respect yourself, respect others and respect the land on which you dance!
Please put all butts in ashtrays and rubbish in the bins provided.
This is very much appreciated and encouraging for us to do it all again.

The vision is out there, we are now under the influence of an attractor, beckoning to us from some space in the future.
A creation of all our minds, a disembodied collective intelligence gaining energy every time we think about it and feel what its going to be like, drawing us nearer to the experience…and looking forward to it………..

CU….. sooooon…space beingz!!

more info on website

2 posts

just to let all those flaming travellers coming from afar for common ground know, so they can come a week early for a mind boggling experience....there will be fire action!! biggrin
ubbrollsmile ubbloco juggle bounce bounce2

ok bye for now....

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