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Posted:so I keep up on what patients are watching, particularly prescription drug ads (which I despise).

Saw a cute one. A VIAGRA ad showing a couple looking out at rain/windswept palm trees and the man has a mischevious look on his face: "The bad news: a rained-out vacation. The good news: a rained-out vacation."

ubblol Just thought I'd share.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Lmao haha, seen some variations of that before but never that one biggrin

Drove past a gym near my new house this morning and wondered how much thought they had put in to their sign that day "Waking up stiff? Come visit us today!"

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Posted: Written by: Basstones

"Waking up stiff? Come visit us today!"

ubblol but its such a long way to get there from Australia.

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