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The new site is up and running and there's video and picture previews of the dvd:

The new spherculism site

The Sphercular Vision Promo Page

Sphercular Vision Free sample video clips


Well it's finally finally finished and you can buy it here on hop.

This is the official feedback thread.

The dvd took me a massive ammount of time to produce. About 2 years of planning and getting myself into a position to make it, then 6 months filming (and working other jobs) and 6 months editing (my full time job).

I'm really happy with the finished video. I didn't think i would be, i figured after all that work i'd be sick of it. I love the soundtrack, big thanks to Bad Science ~ for hooking me up with the tunes. It was a joy to edit to their music and increadibly i still love their tunes even after listening to them nonstop for about 8 months, over and over again, sometimes all day every day for a week. That's pretty impressive me thinks. Not forgetting The Scrub, Dub From the Golden Valley, Infinite Potential and Kyle and Elliott who also provided some sweet tunes.

I tried to make the all the tracks individual. I did this by limiting what i could do with each one. So instead of using all the tricks at my disposal i chose a few and tried not to get too carried away.

Then there's a couple tracks where i let myself go, 'The Death Of Reality' track is the where i let myself go entirely. It is ferociously complex editing and is the best thing i have ever created, i love that video.

I also love 'The Essence' video. The editing in that one is real simple, all cross fades, all the clips are random lengths. It was really hard to make cos the tune had no 'definite events', like a big drum beat, tempo change etc. So for a long time the video was 'soupy', it just didn't click. Then one day it just popped out and all clcked into place.

The UberOz video was hellish to produce. I had around 100 minutes of footage, 90% of it was excellent spinners doing increadible stuff. Kyle and Elliott made the soundtrack, which turned out to be totally random (and very hard to edit to) thanks kyle, you crazy man!! It took about 5 days to cut the footage up and slect the best best best bits. It took forever cos the quality was so high. There must be 500 clips in 8 minutes in that track. There's so much going on, i recommend watching it thru in slo mo to catch it all.

Well, i could go on all day about it but i won't. I'll just open up the discussion. Feel free to ask me questions, suggest ideas for the future and so on.

What do people think of it?

Did you enjoy it?

Which videos do you like most?

Do non spinners like watching it? (the original goal)

Like the soundtrack?

Anyone need help learning anything on the dvd?

How can i improve on it next time round? (if there is a next one)

Thank you to everyone who's in the film, i tried my absolute best to make everyone look totally badass..

And thank you for buying a copy, i'm pretty confident no one will be disappointed with the dvd.

And you can be sure that i'll use the money wisely, reinvesting in making more and more crazy stuff for our wonderful community.

Big Love,


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A copy of the post I made on

Ok, first off bear in mind that a lot of this is down to personal views of style.
I've just read back over my post and most of the negative comments are down to one or two of my individual tastes - I'm sure there are plenty of people who will consider them as positive attributes.
If I come across as overly critical, remember that I've not meant to tear the dvd apart, just to point out the details that I, personally, wasn't too keen on.
Also - things I havn't mentioned specifically are pretty damned good, but I'm only going to post about bits that stood out to me, so I'm not sat here typing for hours.

The DVD cover.
- Really nicely put together. I think the design is great, the picture of the bloke on the front is also great (although maybe I'd prefer it without the mechanical type bits).
The inside is well laid out, good to look at and easy to read.

DVD Menu.
Straightforward, easy to use, good to look at.

Track 1 - Trailer.
Good, but at the start I was kind of disappointed to discover it's pretty much the same as stuff I've already seen in the trailer.

Track 2 - Turn Yourself Around.
A couple of people wander off the side and out of focus.
The mirror effect at 04:57 and the camera moving around a bit made me focus more on the background than the spinning.
The diablos silhouetted against the sunset at 05:30 was really, really nice.
My main purely aesthetic criticism - having two clips that are semi-transparent played over the top of each other. I just find it difficult to pick out what I want to watch from bits that do this and end up losing interest a bit.

Track 3 - Rays From The Sun
I really liked this whole track, I thought it had a really great atmosphere of playing around and just having fun to it.

Track 4 - The Essence
More semi-transparent bits.
Looks slightly washed out, the colours look faded and the contrast's pretty low - like the light was a bit too low or the light from the sun in the background was messing with the overall balance. Especially with about half of the bits with Chris in.
I really enjoyed the slow motion tangle parts, I rewound those and watched them again smile

Track 5 - Taking My Time
More semi-transparent bits.
It suffered from being filmed at night I think - it looked pretty grainy and like the framerate wasn't quite fast enough.
The flame trail effects are quite probably the best I've seen.
The camera seemed to be a bit shaky.
Parts with rob in seemed very blurry.
The LED trails when Olive was spinning were lovely

Track 6 - High Tide
Generally a really nice track, but I particularly liked the smooth and flowey slow motion bit at the start.

Track 7 - Fine Time
A bit grainy and more semi-transparent bits.

Track 8 - Prayer To The Green Lady
A few bits looked like the framerate was a bit slow to catch what was going on clearly, and it was a bit grainy.
I found the contact balls at the sides were a bit distracting.
I wasn't too keen on the colouring, and it had more semi-transparent bits.
The kaleidoscope diablo throws were really cool.

Track 9 - Citizens Of The Psychedelic
Pretty damned cool - I liked the kaleidoscope effects, although the poi didn't stand out enough in a few places.

Track 10 - Close Your Eyes
I generally don't like the effect of having a mirror in the middle of the screen, but this is the exception. I loved the whole track, except possibly the music. I didn't get the impression that it fit the visuals too well, but I'm still undecided.

Track 11 - Beat Smuggling Part Two
More semi-transparent bits.
I liked the shifting focus between the different parts on screen.

Track 12 - The 1st Element
I liked the multiple shots of Catherine on screen at once, but again wasn't too keen on the semi-transparent background. It was less noticable in this track though.

Track 13 - Levelling The Beats
The camera was a bit wobbly, and it had more semi-transparent bits.

Track 14 - Mr. Politician
Pretty cool, but I got the feeling that the spinning was almost an afterthought to the music video.

Track 15 - The Death Of Reality
I wasn't too keen on the colouring at the start, but I thought the rest was really nice. Again, had semi-transparent bits I wasn't fond of.
I thought the slow motion bits were especially cool.

Track 16 - Take Me Down
I reckon this track would have looked really, really cool if the central section with the playing in didn't have any of the semi-transparent background. As it was, it just looked pretty cool wink

Track 17 - uberOz
Wobbly camera, pretty grainy and more semi-transparent bits.

Track 18 - Blink Of An I
More semi-transparent bits.

Track 19 - It Won't Be Long Now
I really enjoyed this track, the only niggling comment is that the colour of the toys was too close to that of the clothes, so they didn't stand out as much as they could have.

Track 20 - The Filler
Brilliant - It's nice to see that even people with this high a standard of spinning still screw up sometimes tongue

Spherculish People
Very nicely done.

I thought the music was superb.
I was quite surprised that even though some of the footage is at least a year old, the spinning hasn't dated - it's still really a high standard and although I seem to get bored more often watch spinning videos, I didn't get bored watching this at all.

Kudos for getting it all sorted to this high a standard, I really enjoyed watching it smile

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A bit more - I got my parents and sister to watch it.
They were a bit reluctant - I had to convince them that we'd just watch one track before switching to something else, but we ended up watching about half of the dvd.

 Written by: My dad

This looks like a music video

He's done a very good job on that

I think that most of the time it would look better without the other people in the background

The editing to the music is really good, especially on this bit (track 7)

 Written by: My sister

Watching this is strangely compelling

 Written by: My mum

That's quite interesting

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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Hey Monkey, thank you very much for taking the time to write your review.

I dig the cover too, the illustration is of 'poibot'. This is an idea that i'll be working on a great deal in the future and this is the first full on illustration i've done of it.

1) The trailer video is exactly the same trailer as i released half way thru the project (for people who haven't seen it)

The people walking off the side of shot is an interesting problem. If you watch a dvd on a normal television it will cut about 10% of the image off the sides, and if you are in a PAL country it will probably play at 25fps (you can tell this if the blue flame seems to jump a little as it moves) watching it on a pc will give you the whole picture at the correct frame rate (29.97fps)

2) Turn yourself around was the first video i made and it was a hell of a mission. I put it at the beginning because it was the first one and i like it there. Funny that you mention that clip of oli that's mirrored. I only mirrored it at the last minute and i was planning to cut it out.

I love the silouette of raf playing 2 diabolo high too.

3) I agree, the rays from the sun video turned out real nice. We all had a lot of fun that day and i really wanted that joy of spinning to come thru in the final edit.

4) The semi translucent bits here are the cross fades and were essential. I had to take 60 minutes of film and squeeze them into 5. So the choice is either to cut bits out, or overlap them.I hope you'll agree that in the film overall there's a pretty good balance between stuff that is really clear (almost like a tutorial) and stuff that is more arty (and enjoyable for the sake of it). The color levels in this one were a nightmare. We filmed late and chris was last so his section was badly lit. Looked all good on my laptop (bright screen) but was too dark for normal tvs. I had to go thru and adjust each clip individually (about 10 hours work). Have a fiddle with your tv brightness, or try watching on it on a CRT monitor.

I love the slow motion tangles on this one, Jons tangle at the end just blows me away. I repeated mine and jons last tangles cos i knew people would wanna rewind it and play them again.

5) The uberpoi track was a bit more arty. I like the song on this one a lot and used it because all the people in the video really do take their time when spinning. You're right about the slight wobbles with the camera, you'll be glad to know that i was nicely drunk during the filming of that one. wink

6) Yeah Eimhin rocks, that was pretty much exactly as he spun, no mistakes, awesome flow, i just cut out a few bits where he was just speeding the diabolos up to give me time to slow motion other bits.

7) Not too many cross fades in this one, the semi translucent bits are overlays. I guess you mean in particular the bit of oli (poi) tangling right in front of the camera with the fire trails. I reckon you can see what's going on pretty well tho. Again i was very restrained with the number of overlays i used.

8) I agree, the lighting in that one was a problem again. But i think the style goes nicely with the theme of the song, if you catch my drift wink The conact balls at the sides mask out the extremely shakey camera work that i reduced by moving the shot from side to side.

9) The poi weren't really meant to sand out in this one. This was one where i let myself use all the filters and play about. A way for me to let off steam after limiting myself on various other videos. Most of the film is done in box planes and you should be able to learn some interesting things from that camera angle.

10) Close your eyes, i don't generally like mirror effects either. With this i created fractals instead of straight mirrors. Again this was one where i let myself go wild. If you consider the lyrics in this one and look at the kinda shapes that i've made with the diabolos and the ball poi i think you'll figure out what my intentions were here wink

11) I had so much fun down in dunedin, i'd just moved to new zealand that week and it was a blast. Met some really lovely folks down there. Wasn't planning on using that footage but it turned out pretty well.

12) All the footage in that one was given to me, catherines footage was that size and i really struggled to find a way to use it. I really like how that one turned out. Dizreali couldn't believe i used that track, it was one of the first ones they ever recorded.

13) Haha, you didn't mention the bizarre wine drinking in that one, lol. That video was just a bit of fun, The Level is the park by my flat in brighton, it's where the band The Levellers come from. The name of the track 'Levelling the Beats' is from a levelers album 'Levelling the Land' and the problems i had doing the audio on that one. Amazingly the sound was done without any external mic. It's a bit dodgy but i was extremely imressed with my little canon camera. This film was a nightmare to make. But i like the finished film.

14) This one wasn't going to have any spinning in it at all but i thougth people would complain. That's the best grafitti i've ever seen. It was a mile long and created by some of the best graff artists from all over europe.

15) I think the yellowy orange of the poi highlights them better than the original film (which was black on grey, you can see some original clips in the filler video). This is my favourite film. It's funny that you really really don't like image overlays or fades. Videos get very boring if they are all straight cuts and no overlays. This video was the first one i really let myself go with and took weeks to edit. I particularly like it because you can learn from it even tho it's all psycedelic and weird.

16) Most of that video has a solid central bit, no transparency at all. At times where i particularly liked the grafitti i faded the central part slightly. Also i generally keep the best clips highly visible, and my less favoured clips blended. So you should find that your eye is drawn to the bits you wanna see most, and distracted from the bits i wasn't so keen on. Did you spot the impossible moves that didn't really happen??? smile

17) That is a slightly cruel verdict on that video IMO. I will admit i was totally hammered at that party (as well i should have been smile ) How about commenting on the, exceptionally talented performers, ferociously complex editing, and crazy soundtrack?

18) I love the 'blink of an I' video, drew is exceptionally good and cj and it was an honour for me that he wanted to be in the film. The fades are there so i could fit maximum content into limited time. That video came together really quickly in the end, just a couple days to edit. I'd really wanted to use that track but couldn't find any footage that fit it. Then i remembered i had that footage of drew and it was perfect.

19) I love that track so much. This was just me chilling out in new zealand in that week i got there. The week before had been insane finishing all my work etc. The footage was about 5 mins long and took just 2 days to edit. There's almost no edits in it. This was the one i made for myself. No fancy moves, just me having a little spin in paradise.

20) Yeah that track rocks. Again, a complete nightmare to edit. Those masks and layers made it so hard. Plus i had to go thru 20 hours of footage and find all the mistakes, i kinda knew where a lot were but it took forever. I felt it was really important to show everyone mucking up (and hope that no one minded) because that's an essential part of learning. I didn't want anyone to finish watching the movie and feel overwhelmed. It's all totally achieveable stuff.

I like the credits too, wanted to give everyone equal time no matter how much they were in the movie. That track is beautiful and i really wanted to use it for something but didn't feel it was suitable to edit to, cos it's slow and so on.

 Written by:

I thought the music was superb.
I was quite surprised that even though some of the footage is at least a year old, the spinning hasn't dated - it's still really a high standard and although I seem to get bored more often watch spinning videos, I didn't get bored watching this at all.

Kudos for getting it all sorted to this high a standard, I really enjoyed watching it

Sweet as, i'm really glad you liked it, and thanks very much for being the first to review it. And thanks for getting some feedback from your folks. I showed it to a guy that had zero interest in the poi, staff, diabolo etc but loved watching it just for the 'eye candy'.

I hope the 'semi transparent' bits don't annoy you too much. I hope you understand that i used them as wisely as i could, they rarely occur without a very good reason. I didn't want this to be a video of 'heres a move' 'heres another move' etc. It's more of an artistic expression. I intended it to be engaging enough that you want to watch it again and again. And i don't necessarily want you to see everything the first time round, you gotta work for it a little. Also it's not 100% aimed at showing all the moves. I tried to strike a balance between teaching stuff in an interesting way and providing entertainment. The main goal was for people to watch it who weren't just spinners in the various communities. But rather to show the world what we get up to.


Big thanks for spending your hard earned cash on it, i hope you get a lot out of it.


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BUMP smile

So i know there's a few more people out there who've seen the dvd.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. And it doesn't need to be an epic review, just a little to let me know if you enjoyed it or not, learned from it and so on.


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I have my copy biggrin

It was certainly worth the wait (and no I'm not just saying that because I'm in it biggrin).

I love the music and several of the tracks have given me that goosebumpy adrenaline kick- it has some stunning moments and is all of a high quality biggrin

I have finally made some progress on my extended tangles after watching and watching and watching 'The Essence' track in particular.

Thanks for all the hard work Matt biggrin

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That's great to hear Dave, i'm the glad the perpetual tangles are coming together.

The Essence track is a great one to learn from i reckon, so many tangles and wibbles. It's particularly nice that me jon and chris all spin so differently. I watched the clips of jon doing tangles over and over again, i still can't figure out how he does them. I'd love to know if anyone nails those moves he does.

I find that video one of the most inspiring over all.

I know you consider the footage of yourself to be a bit old but i was soooo impressed at the difference in your spinning between when i first met you and when you sent me the footage. Your stalls are so tight!! And i tried for a while to get that 2 poi btb throw clean but never did, awesome stuff chutney, thanks again for sending the footage in smile


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im looking forward to seeing this.

-rubs hands together-

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my copy arrived the other day, nice work matt smile i know what a pain it is to do a quick edit to get a video done and its definately a biiiiiig edit youve done, have only had a quick peek made me smile watching the brjc stuff, planning to sit down and watch it properly on the weekend.

Are you planning on doing another one? if so im sure we can coordinate some extra cameras n stuff for common ground filming if your keen. will post more after watching it thoroughly.

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Well, I think Bov has pretty much covered most things that can be said, so here's a general review:

I really enjoyed watching this DVD. There's a lot of fantastic spinning in it, and some really interesting work done with different props. The production values for each video a really high, and the style of vids range from simple, spinning style vids, to the use of toys and editing to create really amazing, VJ style images. The amount of difference between videos and top notch spinning means this is a DVD I will want to 'dip into' again and again.

Ace work matt! biggrin

EDIT: I also found that the same week I got this DVD, I started getting the hang of multiple beat hyperlooops: go figure! wink
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haha, sweet as. I learnt tons of stuff by making this film. I've been learning to juggle 3 clubs in a 'wall plane shower' pattern exactly the same as Olivier juggles 3 staff in the film. I've watched him do it so many times that i totally understand how it works and i've been picking it up real quick.

There's lots of nice shots of 'perpetual tangles', glad they're coming together for you. Just get the feel of bouncing the lead poi, 'Oli-ing' as we like to call it wink

At first i thought Bovril Monkeys comments were a little harsh. But then i realised that he reviewed the film in comparison to a proper film. Not in comparison with a regular spinning dvd. So in that way i was pretty stoked.

Funny tho, because a lot of what he doesn't like are the bits that i think really make the film nice to watch. More arty, less normal.

Bovril Monkey Said:
 Written by:

Also - things I havn't mentioned specifically are pretty damned good, but I'm only going to post about bits that stood out to me, so I'm not sat here typing for hours.

So then Bov, i'd love to hear more about the bits that are 'pretty damn cool' smile


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I've ordered a DVD .. can't wait to see it ubbrollsmile
 Written by: TheWibbler

I've been learning to juggle 3 clubs in a 'wall plane shower' pattern

juggle brilliant juggle
so I guess, we can expect 3 poi wibble shower very soon ubbloco biggrin

Tom_ShillSILVER Member
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Yup, I ordered mine the other day, it's been shipped and should be waiting for me in my new flat on Saturday, just to add another layer of excitement to the day. Comments to follow smile

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 Written by: TheWibbler

At first i thought Bovril Monkeys comments were a little harsh. But then i realised that he reviewed the film in comparison to a proper film. Not in comparison with a regular spinning dvd. So in that way i was pretty stoked.

I don't have any regular spinning dvds that are close enough for comparison.

COL dvds are too different - they're not filmed by anyone wanting a cohesive end product but by people who want their individual section to look as good as possible.
All the other dvds I know about are for teaching - also not right for a comparison

Also, I thought that you were aiming for it to be more like a regular film, something that anyone could stick in the player and watch because it's cool, rather than watching for specific tricks and dissecting every move.

At the end of the day, most of my critisims were based on grainy footage or a couple of stylistic choices that I'm not too fond of.
When those are really the only things you've given me to moan about, you've done a bloody good job wink

 Written by:

So then Bov, i'd love to hear more about the bits that are 'pretty damn cool'

Everything that I didn't comment about specifically as being stuff I wasn't keen on >= pretty damned cool.
I may come back and point out more specific moments, but it'll take a while to write up and I'm off out for a spin smile

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I have one sat on the stairs. I haven't opened it cos it's not addresses to me. Oooooh the restraint!


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*wishes he was sat on fluffs stairs and i was addressed to him*


Ive heard many good things matt - well done, am looking forward to watching. ubbrollsmile

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GlåssDIAMOND Member
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*wishes he was sat on fluffs stairs drinking a cup of tea with fluff*

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I really liked it matt...

I havent got the time, or the head, to break it down the way bov did... but i found myself nodding along quite a bit...

in fact the only thing in the whole vid that i didnt like, were the transparent overlays. i couldnt focus.

the thing i like most about it is that its the kind of video you can slap on at a party on a big screen and it still gonna be a party, if you know what i mean. its also the kind of video you can come home to after a party, skin another fat one and space out on...

eihmin nearly exploded when he told him how much of him is on the vid. i loved that bit, partly becasue its one of the only really, clear, unedited bits on the whole show and that gives the rest of it lvoely contrast.

it really looks like you put your all into it dude

well done and thanks smile

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Olive: I've hardly been playing poi i'm afraid. Having way too much fun passing clubs at the moment.

Bov: Cheers mate, I hope people can watch it over and over again. That's why i like the overlays, cos it makes you feel like watching it again wink

 Written by:

the thing i like most about it is that its the kind of video you can slap on at a party on a big screen and it still gonna be a party, if you know what i mean. its also the kind of video you can come home to after a party, skin another fat one and space out on...

Hahaha, perfect, that's just what i like to hear. So i'm thinking tracks 10 and 15 rate highly on your playlist.

I love the section of eimhin playing 1 diabolo. It's hardly edited at all, just took out a couple bits where he's just speeding the diabolo up so i had time left to slow other bits down. The 'Blink of an I' track with Drew, and the 'Won't be Long' track of me are similar in that there's not huge ammounts of editing.

After making the 'Taking my time' uberpoi track i was gutted that i only had a tiny piece of eimhin in there, so i made a whole piece about him smile

So i'd like to hear what your top 3 tracks are and why.

Mine would have to be:

1: Death of reality ~ best thing i've ever made

2: The Essence ~ The track has special meaning to me and that came thru in the editing. Also was a brilliant day with Jon and Chris. I think the mood of the song, the lyrics and the spinning fit especialy well.

3: Then it's a bit tricky, i love 'Close your eyes' for the complete randomness of it all, pure eye candy. But 'Taking my time' I really love. It's funny cos that wasn't one of my favourites when i made it but it's grown on me a lot. Ronan spinning fire with the time effect on i can watch over and over. Same goes for olive with his crazy led poi. Rays from the sun i love for it's fun, but i've seen it waaaaay too many times. 'Blink of an I' and 'uberOz' are well up there too. I could watch drew CJ all day and the level of skill in the uberOz video is insane. I counted over 150 video clips in that one the other day. But then there's 'The Filler', which is wicked. So i dunno.

I can't decide 3rd place.

Also i hear a few people have muchly impoved their perpetual tangles and wibbling from watching this. Has anyone here learnt anything interesting from the dvd?

I thin kwhat i enjoy most about what i've made is that each of the 20 tracks is individual, No two are really similar. This was extremely hard to do. Always thinking what to leave out of video, constraining what i could do in each one. And yet the whole film feels like 1 piece. They have a similar feel about them all but retain their distinctness.

I honestly didn't think i'd like the finished film as much as i do. I just can't wait until the next time i can watch it without HAVING to watch it. Really takes the fun out of it when i have to watch it from start to end to check for bugs. That will probably be at Common Ground.

I think the next film will be 45 mins instead of 90.

I'd love to hear what your top 3 are smile


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Mmmmmmmmmmm thank you! Lovely Lovely mmmmmmmm bounce

My favourite is The Filler.
and Rays From The Sun.

and I will have to watch it all many times over to figure out which of the more spinning-related ones should go in my Top 3!!!

- variation and range (of pretty much everything. From people and toys to events and locations, to editing and presentation etc...) There is without a doubt something for everyone and a LOT for most people to enjoy.
- music - fantastic, engaging, non-intrusive, to be turned up loud!
- watching my friends - mmmm big smiles and happy realisations that Bristol's only a week away biggrin
- watching total strangers do badass things, inspiring and teaching and wowing me.
- the fact that you can either sit and watch it, or wander about while it's playing and dip in and out.
- the overwhelming sense of community and sharing, which is such a massive part of what we do ubbrollsmile
- cover art, thanks, general blurb, layout, info etc - all spot on and wonderful.
- seeing Amanda in the Uberoz bits - though there wasn't nearly enough of her!!

Confused by: (NOT bad things, just personally confusing)
- lots of overlays, esp right at the start (I find them tricky to watch).
- prolonged slow-mo when I really needed just to see something in normal time for a few seconds.
- Only having firey bits from Uberpoi n Uberoz.
- No music to title page?

Don't Like:
- quality of the pics at the end. It's wicked to have a gallery of everyone involved, but not with such bad pics.
- length of some tracks. As the editing within them was snappy and changing all the time it shortens my attention span and some of the 5min+ tracks seemed to really drag on.
- the contact-ball-framing when ads was playing devilstick. too much distraction for me - it really intruded.

Hmmmm - think that's about it for the minute. Thank you thank you thank you for making a lovely, watchable, fun, funny, inspiring and entertaining DVD that has touched on a whole load of different aspects that make up this artform and it's community. hug2

From a personal point of view, I was really happy with all the bits I was in, and can't wait to show my sisters n brothers and say 'hey look - this is what I get up to all over the world with my friends'.

You should be a proud n happy man biggrin
Loads of love and thanks xxxxxxxxxx

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got my dvd this morning bounce cheers matt smile

right now ive just watched it and i can safely say... wicked nice one. really enjoyed watching that biggrin

i think my favourite bits were-
the crazy editing, especially the death of reality and the psychedelic citizins
seeing loads of familier faces, and also loads that i didnt recognise
the bit at the start of the uberoz track... that effect where he turns into a star is well nice
also the effect where the guy spinning diabolo looks like he magics himself in and out of existence is lovely and made me giggle ubbrollsmile
music was also really nice and chilled out and seemed to go well with the feel of the dvd
seeing loads of wibbling on there is excellent to

other tracks that stand out for me are taking my time and the green lady... but i need to watch it again as its hard to remember what was where ubbrollsmile

generallly wicked video, only things i didnt like was the scrolling blue sherpcular background kept getting a bit repeatative, id have liked to have seen more variety of transistions between tracks... hmm thats the only thing i can think of at the moment ... good work, and again thanks for including me in it beerchug


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Yeah, all videos need more of oli in them and less of me. I didn't mind the transparent overlays that much. I generally knew what I wanted to look at.

superbly well edited, you don't mind if I blatently steal some editing ideos do ya?

ubblove hug

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Jeanine watched some of Oli's copy the other day...
Her response:

"This is cool. I can actually watch a poi video for more than a couple of minutes without getting bored... the visual effects are really helping me stay here watching"

I really liked the Death of reality track, levelling the beats, and of course watching Drew...

Seeing Ewan and silver paul with a ball on their heads was wicked...

There was lots of smoking going on by people in the Vid... (Raf, for one) Didn't like this... But then, I'm very anti the advertising of smoking, and hate it when people get footage of me smoking for this reason...

Blah blah... Maybe more when I'm presented with a chance to watch it again...

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RonopotamusGOLD Member
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Nice one matt, got my dvd from eimhin the other day and its funky out.

Only thing i didn't like was some of the overlays again - most importantly where the overlay overlayed right on top of the underlay... but there were times where the overlay was put around the undervideo that worked really well though. I like to be able to see whats going on.

Anyway congratulations, you did a fantastic job, I'm looking forward to the next one smile



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RonopotamusGOLD Member
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I watched the Dvd again, and its grown on me even more. I realised that the overlays actually make for great re-watchabilty as you try to figure out whats going on, i was able to focus on different things than the first time i watched it.

And I love the music!

Don't bolt your door with a boiled carrot...

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Thank you for everyones input, i really want to address all the praise and criticism but i need a bit of time to do that.

i'm back in nz now and will have time very soon....maybe even a little time right now smile

Obscuring details in graphic work is a really tricky balance. None of the best clips are obscured, usually i slowed them down to highlight them, or grouped similar moves together. The lesser quality clips are sometimes slightly obscured, or when 2 people are doing the same thing, and so on. I make video like i make images. I went to great lengths to make sure that overlapping clips were useful and that the details could be seen. But there are occasions when the details are not the important thing and so you can't see them. If that makes sense. I guess what i'm saying is that at least a minutes thought went into every few seconds of film and there is a good reson for most decisions. The ratio of input time to output time is around 30 hours : 1 minute

The overlays do imo make it very 'more-ish' to watch. wink and that's not by mistake.

The comment about 'encouraging smoking' is a bit misleading. There is 1 person smoking in 1 of their 7 or so videos. SInce there are over 40 people in the video and it's filmed at festivals then that's not really so bad. Especially since way more than 1 in 40 people smoke. I understand the original comment and am totally fine with it, but for other people to cite that as the number one criticism of this work is tbh a little pathetic. The quality of the footage of raf playing 4 CJ balls is gorgeous imo, it's very useful to teach techniques and i think massively out weighs the ill effects of him smoking at the time.

The blue flame transitions between videos was mainly so that i could render everything separately and put them in any order, also for vjing you can have them play randomly and not notice smile Half of it was like this, half was edited as one piece, it was a very tough decision to make. But i like that each video is separate and when the blue flame comes up it gives you a chance to pause and take a wee break. I felt that if they all bled into one another then it could end up a bit too 'soupy'

oh yeah, the pics at the end are just lifted straight from the dvd (video quality isn't very high, dvd is only about 0.8 mega pixels) I did this so you could recognise the people from the videos they were in. Plus getting photos of everyone would have been a nightmare.

big love,


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Oh goody Matt you've posted here. I had just come to *bump* it!

People, listen here.

This DVD is a perfect Christmas, birthday, bar mitzvah or any other sort of present you shell out money for to make happy the people you love.


It is lovely. Maybe a shot here or there you don't like, but it is a great and pioneering work from a very special brother.
So get one if you can cos he needs the money and the world needs love. OK.

And get it from HoP then Malcolm is happy too and that is also a good thing.

The 'smoking' thing well harrumph that is just silly. One chap has a *something* in his mouth while he is contact juggling. It doesnt even look alight... and it is part of the charm of the sequence that he doesn't even notice it, he is so entranced by the new magic he is finding.

It's great to have a 'cast list' at the end. And the bloopers. And documentary evidence of my own backyard!

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newgabeSILVER Member
what goes around comes around. unless you're into stalls.
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PS Matt,
Why not move this into the Video section?

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

TheWibblerGOLD Member
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Yeah i don't know why i started it in here, i think cos i didn't want it confused with the 'trailer' vid. But yeah, it should be moved somewhere...hmm...

oh yeah, i will for ever more watch the bloopers track and hear gabe crying with laughter

much love G,


oh yeah, we have the prettiest smiley picture of you at CG, will get bex to post it.

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BansheeCatBRONZE Member
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Matt, I am soooo impressed. What a dvd of pure sphericular happiness... It was so good to see so many of my friends from all over the world, doing all sorts of crazy talented things!

Your editting was amazing.Soooo beautiful!!! Death of Reality stood out as a huge highlight, and your spin on the beach with the orange poi and orange diablo too.Each section of the DVD had its own individual " personality", yet all flowed together nicely as a whole.

Loved the graffiti features, all the effects throughout, just enough to make it interesting. I never had a problem sorting out what was going on. I also really enjoyed the humour in the drumming one, with the wine bottle, and the beats overlaying...

The music: when it started, I was like oh, dub-by stoned stuff. Sigh. Not my thing. But, by the end, I was absolutely loving it. Have since played the dvd just for the music, never mind the images! Fabulous. The strong relationship of the music to the action was incredible. Your timing and sense of how to establish connections remarkable.

The Filler was my all round favorite, so human and amusing. Fell in love with Oli, Chutney, you, and various men without shirts all the way through... Sigh.

Thanks for a wonderful video! Will be showing it to lots of friends. Workshops here soon, and we are having a video watching session, yours will be first!



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Matt, the dvd kicks serious ass. I watched it at Josh's last night, and its the only poi dvd I can actually watch all the way through without wandering off. ubbrollsmile

Good sh!t biggrin hug2