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Posted:I'm just wondering if the guy spinning fire in the "Boys Of Summer" music video by Dj Sammy is hangin' around on this site?

If you haven't seen the video, I recommend it.
It is only a couple of seconds of fire-poi, but it is really good...
And the song is amazing to spin to...
Last night I spent two and a half hour spinning to that one song...

Anyone know of any other music video with poi-performances?

I know of two other than
Dj Sammy - Boys Of Summer.
That is
"Alibi - Eternity" (tail-poi
"Pulsedriver - Your Spirit Is Shining" (fire-poi)

You folks know of any else?

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Posted:Mistress Aurora has one of some "Southern Excuse for Music" artist with a fire club spinner in it... Maybe she'll post

Dio runs away to hide now

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Posted:If you do a search for a thread called Spinning in the Media or ..In Music Video's or some such thing, there is a rather large listing. Malcolm also has a list of appearances in movies and such kicking around here as well. There is alot of minute exposure in the media today.

Britney Spears has flame staffers in "Oops I Did It Again" video.

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Posted:I think Pele is referring to the Poi in the Movies.

The FireDancing in the Media thread she mentions isn't all that exciting.

There are plenty of films and tv shows with fire arts in them.

I saw an episode of Murder She Wrote not long ago that had stick spinnning.

Oh and there is a big choreographed staff spinning bit in Chitty Chitty Bang bang.....

(when proffesor Potts goes to the carnival....)

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Posted:Thanks Dio for that 'great' description of my music...It's country for those who couldn't guess it. And yes in LeAnn Rimes "Life Goes On" music vid, there's a fire performer in it. It doesn't show 'fire poi', but it DOES show a 'fire club spinner' in it. It's sposed to be at a Mardi Gras in Louisianna...I think they do alot of that stuff down there? Well that's the only one I've ever seen with a fire perfomer in it.

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Posted:Not sure if this is the right thread to post on but i did a search and this was the only one i could find, i didnt want to start a new thread. Anyway i was just flipping through channels and saw 2 girls spinning fire poi on the mtv till death do us part show for carman electra's (sp?) bachlorette party. has anyone else seen this or any other such things? is it me or is there more and more of this in the media now? or is it the fact that i now know what poi/staff/ect. are that i am just now noticing it?


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Posted:YA I SAW THAT!!! NEARLY MADE ME PUKE! (allong with carmen's B-day Pinis Cake)

Those girls did a few drunken partner moves, but they tried to slow the camera speed down and made it look worse than it was...

...Now Over Christmas there was a Comercial for OFFICE MAX with a TON OF FIRE SPINNERS in the back ground. In the front was a Double Staffer (doing simple movements, but it looked good!) there was about ten other poi folks behing the double staffer. Santa was dancing in front of them and they all where inside the Office Max Store. Now thats a Good reflection on the Fire Arts, Carmans B-day party with DRUNKEN Amiture Fire spinners was NOT!! mad

I haven't seen the Boys of summer vid, But I hope it was Better than Carman Electra's B-Day party extraviganza! eek



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