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First of all I will try to define formally it:

"A flying Nexus is the nexus between two poi when only one of them is held and the other is controlled only by the first poi(-body-)".

Witch means that when you do normal moves like whip catches or Hyperloop throws you use for a little time a "Flying nexus".

Why using another term? Because after a bit of practice you can find that also this Flying Nexus is controllable and such as for hyperloop is quite easy to control it for a little number of turns (and hard to control for a potential infinite time).

The main principle that is on the base of this theory can be easily understood by an example:

Take 2 strings, wrap with one turn one on the other then pose both on a table and watch the two strings now.

Well, look at the "wrapped" one, if we consider that the wrap separate the string in two segments, you can easily observe that one segment is above the other.

(So many words for a really simple concept).

But now you have to do the experiment of above with your weigthed handle poi.

When you do it pay attenction to make the wrap close to the handle and with the part near the handle under the other one.

Congratulation biggrin now you have done the more solid Flying Nexus that can be controlled for an infinite time!!!!

Pratical application:Start from an HL butterfly reverse and then release one poi, in the same moment stop the other poi,the poi head of the held one must go "over" the other poi string, and you can see that the released one is wrapped on the holded one by the above described "Flying nexus"(after a bit practice).

For controlling such nexus the handle and the poi head must remain at 180 between each other; in such way the "FORZA CENTRIFUGA" help you to mantein the nexus; you can do that by giving to the held poi a rotational movement that feel close to an isolation where the center of the rotation is exactly the point of the wrap.

There are a lot of other ways to make a flying nexus; for example with a simple whip catch, or with a double nexus hyperloop and from that you can also do a figure8 instead a normal circle with the two poi, as long as you can control the flying nexus.

It's so hard to explain with words (and in english for me XD) but really fun to use while playing.

It's quite difficult to control well a poi with the other one for more then two or three rotations but is doable!!! :P:P:P

I hope this have sense and I will ask to the "poi theorists" around here if I'm wrong with something...

Acciaio devil

-------------OLD MESSAGE and DEMOSTRATION---------------

Just a proposal for the name of this move:

Download the sample

Trying to release a poi into an hyperloop I found that one poi can be controlled by the nessus and theorically for an infinite time!

In fact the released poi turn around the other poi body wrapped in this way the head and the handle remain always more or less at 180 degrees between themselves and the nessus can be unmade when you wont by speeding up a little bit the timeing of the turn of the poi in your hand.

I hope this have sense... and I wait for your answere...can be called in this way this move?? confused

Acciaio devil

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mmmm... sure james... someone wink else wink on wink your wink pc wink ... mmm-hmmmmm... rolleyes

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