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I'm living in a house with 3 other guys next year. I initially thought all were sensible, hard working people. I'm correct about two of the members, but the other one I can see him being a problem.

Was talking to him yesterday and he says to me -

"i'm going to have a White Widow in the house next year".

[censored] genius. He says it's not illegal to own and grow your own plant, due to the reclassification of cannabis to a Class C drug.

I'm not a stoner and have never even tried weed, but I condone it's use. I've no problem with people using it, but growing a plant just seems a step above smoking. The implications that it could be used to deal and whatnot. Now, I think what he is doing is stupidly selfish. Although I don't know the laws behind it, but I don't want to get a criminal record for drugs when this nob is being selfish enough to grow a plant in a house with non-weed smokers; especially when we designated me "Head of Household" on the contract! Hope that doesn't put all blame on me...

After I gave him some [censored] about it last night he has now decided to grow himself a hemp plant. Which (according to my research) has just a tiny amount of THC and is grown legally through Europe. I'm still not happy with this, but I seriously cannot see this guy backing down and not having his plant. He's an arrogant moron to be honest.

His reason - "wanting to be rebellious".

Wow, he's so cool. He's gone up twenty respect points in my book!

So that's my rant over, have just one question -

Is it legal to grow hemp on your own property?

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Posted:Because Frank talks crap? confused


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Posted:Easy solution:

Salt the pots. Sprinkle a few grams on and water them in. Kills almost all plants dead.

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Posted:What if you got him a japanese maple tree?? If he just wants the plant, the leaves look fairly similar. Just an idea.


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