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Posted:I am relatively new to poi and have been searching for the answer to my question, but so far have found none and I'm turning to this forum for help.

I was interested in purchasing a double monkey fist poi for a good friend of mine, but am unaware of his level of skilll regarding this particular fire poi, so wanted to find out if it were possible to purchase additional chains and connectors to transform the same double monkey fist poi into an appropriate length single monkey fist (or any of the other kinds of wicks, for that matter)

If it is possible, which additional connectors, if any, would I need?

I appologize if this question is appearing in the wrong section, but HELP seemed to fit the subject of this post most accurately.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted:i think u must not let your friend try double first..cause fire are danger and it is double fire head poi..


Mark P
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Mark P

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Posted:Seems to me like the easiest way to do this would be to buy a spare set of handles and chains, pairs are sold in the parts section of the shop (link below). You could then easily remove the bottom wick and attach it to the new handles as a single wicked poi. smile

home of Poi parts section

There is a lot of choice in chain/handles etc (obviously dont chose the nylon ones!!). You can also buy all the individual parts needed if you wanted to do that.

recon your friend will love them biggrin (if they dont can I have first dibs on them!)

mark p ubbrollsmile


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